World technology development is pushing this civilization and mankind to the decay of destruction!

World technology development is pushing this civilization and mankind to the decay of destruction!

General words on Technology development

Former Facebook manager Antonio Garcia Martinez worked for many years in Silicon Valley. He thinks, the technology is developing so fast that it’ll ruin the world discipline. People will rebel against technology. And to survive this chaotic situation, he bought land on an island near Seattle (News BBC). Martinez said, “In the next 30 years, half of the world’s people will be unemployed also. Then a revolution may happen. So I bought the land here. ‘

 People will rebel against technology


Create a better world and everything will be destroyed

Silicon Valley, the world’s leading high-tech commercial area, is an artificial name of an industrial region on the southeast coast of San Francisco, United States. The world’s largest software and most of the electronics products manufacturers are located here. The commitment of Silicon Valley technicians is to create a better world. And this technology will destroy everything!

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Create a better world and everything will be destroyed


Unemployment and the driverless car creation

Martinez, a former officer working in Silicon Valley, thinks that he is clearly seeing the day coming forward. He means he is going to be a witness to how technology will threaten people’s widespread population also. Martinez said, ‘Look, I see the future. I can see what is going to happen next in five to ten years. You won’t believe it. But it’ll happen.

driverless car

Technologies like driverless cars will make people unemployed. After leaving the job, Martinez set up a shelter on an island near Seattle. In a chaotic situation, he’ll run away and start a new life. Martinez said that because of the choice of this particular place, people don’t know very much about this place. The weather here is also an ideal and more food supply for survival. Moreover, Martinez has weapons too.


Bullet and weapon will control the world economy

Bullet and weapon will control the world economy

If the situation goes bad, will this weapon be needed? Martinez said, “Of course.” He said more showing a bullet, “I can assure you that it will be the future coin of the United States and rest of the world.” Responding to a question on is the others working in Silicon Valley doing the same thing as you did Martinez said, “Completely I am not the only person. Responding to this question of It is selfishness, Because, what will be the rest of the other common people? and Martinez said, “Life is short and we all will die.”

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Competition between technology & people will destroy the human profession

Competition between technology & people

Martinez said about the risks in the future, that the United States (US) has 300 million weapons for all men and women. Especially those who are economically displaced have weapons too. So there can be a violent revolt. He said, ‘You can not even think, we are also in a competition of technology and politics. And the technicians are winning and they are ahead. They will destroy the human profession and before they can react to this, they will create a messy situation in the economy. “

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People will choose the machine as friends

People will choose the machine as friends

But technology has already made people feel uncomfortable, human relations have been transformed into the mechanical relationship. People are choosing machine as friends and companions, excluding people. And the beginning of troubles started from there. So, Mr. Garcia Martinez’s words are gaining importance due to the logical reason.

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