Regret at the age of 30

Age of 30 is crossing! But you may have a whole life regret for 20 things to do in your 30s.

General words of a whole life regret

Life is the too big thing to some people or some folks, life is quite small. These Thinking depend on how we see the life. And how we’ve taken it easy or how we’ve received the all the rise and fall of life. All want to be happy after the day end. Thirty years of life in a very long time. At this time many thinking and emotions can knock on the door of mind. The thinking of what we have done, gained or lost is the mental features of people. Different time or untimely we sit with scales and start calculating the account of our life. And this calculation of life will never be solved. But without avoiding some subjects of the content if we continue our life with those facts before 30 years age limit then we won’t have any regret after the age of 30.


The facts for which you will have a regret for whole life

Regret at the age of 30

1. What should I or shouldn’t I?

You may also socially feel at the age of 30 what should I do. But never endure the thinking of what to do or what should you do as though that may fall back you. You should purchase a home, you should make a marriage and have the child or you should have another secondary income source may come to your thinking. Just remove these thinking and do such work which will make you happy. Don’t be frustrated because your life is being disappointed in these as usual ideal from. Your life is the gift of God and you got your life for once so highly enjoy this life according to your mind signal.


2. To spend less time with parents

At the age 30, many people feel a repentance in mind not for passing more time with their parents. When they were young, they could easily spend a lot of time with parents. So, as much as possible you’ve to spend more time with parents with telling the story or visiting from somewhere. So, as far as possible spend more time with your favorite parents.


3. To emphasize the works

If you also give the most important to your work then the balance of regret can be heavy. Occasionally Spend time with them whom you love more and who is your favorite. Because you’ll never get back these valuable moments with money or regrading.


4. To spend time with negative thoughts

Do you think the negative thinking which is running after you now will never give chase you in future at the age of 30? You are thinking wrong. Many things of today’s negative thoughts will turn around in your life to and fro. Therefore, don’t waste more time with negative thinking. So, stay warn of those people who aren’t feeling about and re-justify your relation with them. Be careful of those negative thoughts on which you don’t have any control. And alive nicely avoiding & removing those facts from your thought or feelings.


5. To think aged about yourself

At the age of 30, the general fact is that everyone thinks “my age is enough” or “I’ve no age more for doing this”. You aren’t aged enough even many of Fifty or Sixty years of age will agree with this subject matters. You can do everything for enjoying the life from 20 years old and even on Thirty years of age that you can. Accept the opportunity of this faith. Enjoy your life as long as you can and never lose your childish mind of own inner.


6. Not to give priority to yourself

Perhaps you are giving priority to all with avoiding yourself. And you are emphasizing the needs of other more than your needs. Come forward from these thoughts. Note that when you are giving first priority to yourself then you are able to meet the others demand that they preserve to you. The fact of keeping your own demand at first position will also keep you happier that will indurate and harden the relationship around you. If you become conscious of your own position then you’ll feel less repentance at the age of 30. So, at first alive in your own dream.


7. Not to take care of yourself

It’s paradoxical but the truth is that on the one hand, you are telling you’ve no age to do such things again you’re having unhealthy foods from the outside as usually like children. This practices to change is harder, but not impossible. So, always take care rightly of your health and own body.


8. Not to utilize the opportunities

Perhaps now you are more alert to utilize every opportunity in life. But if the pain of losing something of the past gives chase till now then this may be the causes of frustration. But if the past any chance to the loss of Chase go yet if this assumption 30 at the age of despair a may cause. So, never miss any opportunity. Let not the big chance be lost by your negligence. As though the thinking not to utilize the chance don’t run chase to you. This is why You’ve to be more conscious of every opportunity in life.


9. Not to be economy

The human contrition feelings of the greater part of 30 years old impact highly are that not to be economy. If you are earlier conscious of being economy and save a particular part of your income then you’ll be able to prize highly to yourself after retirement and your retirement time will be passed with well-off and vice-versa. So, spend your money on the perfect plan and start saving money from just now for future as though you feel no regret at the age of 30.


10. Not to visit or journey

The world is now just into your hands. And you should not avoid the interesting facts like journey or tour. So, now get ready for visit and tour without being later. Because the condition of your body should not have fit at particular ages. So, as though the dissatisfaction not to visit may not create any regret in your mind at the age of 30 or 50.


11. To give more importance to others thought

It’s seen many people in the age of 30 accuse themselves as a guilty for the thought of other peoples. Don’t waste your time more at all in this age for unjustified thought like this. Stop closing the waste of time and energy for those people who aren’t thinking with the literal sense for you at all. You’ll think them who’ll think for you. There is no need to increase your acceptance by unnecessary changing of yourself for someone. Stay satisfied with yourself. Believe that the person who likes and loves you must love you, however, you are.



12. Not to take the time to develop contacts and network.
13. Never performing in front of others.
14. Not to be grateful sooner.
15. Never taking a big risk.
16. Failing to finish what you start.
17. Not to stop enough to appreciate the moment.
18. Not to stand up for yourself.
19. Not to listen to your hearts’ advice.
20. Not to try harder in student life.

So, do your duty at the perfect time without keeping any dissatisfaction into your mind of transient life. So that you don’t feel any regret, have any contrition and dissatisfaction in your life at the age of 30.

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