Toilet Paper Can Create The Horrific Dangerous Diseases! – Study Says.

Toilet paper is a tissue paper product people primarily use to clean the anus and surrounding area of fecal material after defecation and to clean the perineal area of urine after urination and other bodily fluid releases. It also acts as a layer of protection for the hands during these processes. It is sold as a long strip of perforated paper wrapped around a paperboard core for storage in a dispenser near a toilet.

The toilet paper is one of the important components of each toilet. But people can be infected with serious diseases from the most important element toilet tissue paper, experts say. But the doctors’ argument is that using toilet paper could be doing us more harm than good and that it is not a very good way of cleaning ourselves, reports the Mirror. According to the doctors, moreover it is rather better to use wet tissues instead of toilet paper. Because the toilet paper can not clear the anus, but it is said in one study that it helps in the development of various diseases in the anus.

toilet paper bad for you

The use of toilet paper has allowed people of the United States, Australia and Britain to have an incredible dirty rectum, as it is said in the research report. While the privacy of people living in Japan, Italy and Greece is known to be very clean. Because they use water for anus cleaning.

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Rose George, author of The Big Necessity: The Unmentionable World of Human Waste and Why It Matters, told Tonic why using toilet paper doesn’t remove feces like it should. ‘I find it rather baffling that millions of people are walking around with dirty anuses while thinking they are clean,’ George said. ‘Toilet paper moves sh*t, but it doesn’t remove it.’ After leaving the mucus, wet tissue helps in the removal of sebaceous bacteria in very few cases. Where the toilet paper does not be effective in any way it is said in the study.

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Gastroenterologist Partha Nandi says bidets can also offer relief to those who already have the hemorrhoids. She adds that urinary tract infections are another danger of wiping with roll whereas using a bidet or wipes would be much gentler on our bottoms, and would wash away pretty much all of the harmful bacteria lurking.

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So the anal fissures and urinary tract infections can make its colony into the dirty bacterial anus and vaginal area. The report says that there may be various kinds of severe diseases including pain, crack.

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