Why Do You Not Talk About Your Plans?

General words

Who does not like to share plans with his friends and family? Declaring our goals publicly, we kind of give an official promise to reach them. We expect that this way to achieve the desired will be easier, but it was not there!

Detail words

Based on research conducted since 1933, telling about your plans, you risk never to implement them. And it’s not about who you tell and how, it’s in yourself, or rather in your brain.


In the very same year of 1933, a certain Vera Mahler discovered that the announced statement of intent was perceived by the mind as a reality. That is, your brain is deceived and believes that the goal has already been achieved. There comes a sense of satisfaction, and the incentive to work to achieve the goal is lost.

Why not talk about your plans

Almost fifty years later, Professor of Psychology at New York University Peter Gollwitzer published a book “Symbolic Self-Completion” dedicated specifically to this topic. And not so long ago – in 2009, he also conducted a series of studies that showed that people who kept their plans to themselves were more likely to fulfill them than those who told them about others.

Why not talk about your plans

So the conclusion suggests itself:

If you want to implement the plan, keep your plans to yourself. But if your desire to share with someone so much that you can not restrain yourself. Then remember the expression- “Surprise everyone with your results! Your plans are of no interest to anyone!”. So, either do or keep plans with you forever.

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