Sleeping With Cell Phone Near Head Or Under Pillow Keeps A Man In Danger on nightstand.

Sleeping With Cell Phone Near Head Or Under Pillow Keeps A Man In Danger on nightstand.

Various studies have shown that Cell Phone radiation is very harmful to the body and brain. Launching a mobile phone if you keep it in the pocket or beside yourself during sleep both are risky for health.

Recently, a group of class ninth students of North Ocland examined the different types of vegetable seeds and the result was the wifi radiation of mobile phones is extremely harmful to the life. Even, it can also cause death. England, Holland, and Sweden researchers are very enthusiastic and astonish about the results of the test.

Lee Nielsen, one of the students who conducted the test, said that they tested the seeds of 400 kinds of vegetables. They kept the seeds of these vegetables in 6 trays at the same temperature in two separate room. For 12 days, the seeds of those two home-grown vegetables were given the equal amount of water and sunlight to grow. Among those, they kept the six trays containing the seed of vegetables near two wifi routers.

Sleeping with cell phone at night

The amount of radiation comes from the WiFi routers, as much radiation comes from the normal mobile phone. 12 days later, the seeds of the vegetables kept near the WiFi router did not increase. Most of them have either dried or died. And there was no WiFi router near the seeds which were filled with seeds filled with sprayed seeds, they had grown very nice absorbing water and sunlight.

Mathilde Nielson among those students of class nine who conducted tests said about it. And expressed that “It has proved how dangerous the WiFi or mobile radiation is for life”. So, our advice is to keep the Cell Phone away while you are asleep or get switch off to keep it in bed. Otherwise, it can be very dangerous for the brain or body also”.

California Public Health Department warns that keeping mobile beside you during sleeping may increase the risk of brain cancer. Because cell phones radiation can cause harmful diseases for the brain and body.

Sleeping With Cell Phone

Cell phone works by sending and receiving signals from its towers. When the Phone transmits the signal to the mobile tower, from where the radio frequency power goes from all sides. Even entering your head and body. As much as possible of having SMS messages, WhatsApp messages, phone calls. But when you’ll go to sleep during the day or night, keep phone slightly away from bed or switch off. So researchers say, “don’t go to sleep without putting the switch on your mobile phone beside you. Unless the phone is off, or in airplane mode, keep it at least a few feet away from your bed.”

If the Cell Phone isn’t off or there is no airplane mode, keep it at least a few feet away from your bed. So that you can protect your body from the phone’s signal.

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