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How to orgasm to women more easily with some exclusive sex position?

General words of sex position

Sex can never be annoying. It’s very easy to get excited and reach extreme situations into a sex position. But Still this tense ends for a short time and you feel that you have to work hard on the bed. Variety is the meat of life. Missionary positions are great but you probably need to add another position to be excited again. Once you try one position and you will not get success at first. So, please try again and again. There is a proverb ”Exercise, industry and practice is the key to success”. There are some positions given below which will be very fond of women.


Some Better Sex Position

 Some suggestions are the best position for intercourse is to keep the penis at the position of 45 degrees. Do you want to satisfy the companion of all positions? Then follow the following intercourse pictures.


 1. Modified Doggy sex position

Modified Doggy StyleThis sex position is very suitable for girls and women. Because the girl can move her vagina during sex as she wishes. She can maneuver the Penis inside her vagina and can also control their own sexual movements and willing. Besides the advantage, the man can touch the woman’s “G-spot” easily, and with the help of rubbing by his nails to women’s clitorises, he can give women a special taste of their will. Otherwise, the woman herself can rub and squish her clitorises with her own nails according to her willing and needed. In this system, women can be a very fast orgasm. Penetration is the highest. So the probability of pregnancy is highest.


2. Spooning sex position

SpooningLaying just on the backside of the woman, Penetration to the woman from her back. The girls’ pelvic is banded at 90-degree angle. To It, sperm also easily reach into the deep of cervix.


3.  Doggy Style sex position

Doggy StyleDoggy Style Intercourse means that the male will enter the penis in the woman’s vagina from the back. Penetration is the highest. So the probability of pregnancy is highest.


4. Missionary sex Style

Missionary StyleThe most common sex positions where the girl is below and boy is above. Pelvis in this position does not lean towards the bottom. As a result, penetration is very deep and the semen reach to very close to the Cervix. The probability of pregnancy increases.


5. Woman Upstyle sex position

Woman Up-style

These positions give full control to the woman. Here men lie down straight and woman will place herself on the body like Semmy doggy style. Staying on the man, the woman will input the penis into her vagina and will move up and down her hip. At the same time, man will move up his hip slightly.


6. Reverse Cowgirl sex style

Reverse Cowgirl style

To this matting system, man will lie on straight and woman will Sit in front of the lying man’s feet like Semmy doggy style. Firstly, hard physical work is done to keep these positions. Secondly, there are plenty of energy costs to keep these positions in a specific rhythm.


7. Legs above sex Position

Legs above PositionThis style is as like as missionary style but the position of the woman’s legs will stay above.


8. Cowgirl sex Position


Cowgirl PositionThese positions are not very orgasm-friendly. Many women feel that stress is more than happy in this position. Most important fact is this position is dangerous for men also. Because there is a feature of breaking the penis by this position.


9. Face to face sex position

Face to face positionIn this position, both man and woman will take their position face to face. Man will sit on keeping his both legs straight and woman will sit on the men’s leg attaching her breast to the men’s breast and woman will move up and down.


1o. Standing up sex position

Standing up positionStanding up position is Matting position holding up the woman with the help of the power of the two arms, and a woman holds the man’s neck. It is hard to carry and hold a woman completely on the strength of the waist. It is interesting to look at the screen, but to be closer in this way is not too easy.


11. Rock and roller sex position

 Rock and roller positionIn this position, the girl is at the bottom of man. But her two legs on man’s head and man will place his chest between two legs of the woman. Too deep, the penis can easily hit the G-spot.

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