What Happens After Marriage Between A Same Aged Couple?

The husband’s age was twice as old as the normal age of the woman. Changes in the time have increased the tendency of getting married in less than the age of educated people at a significant rate. Marriage does not mean just for the child.

The age of the groom should be at least 5 years and more than 10 years if the bride is older than 10 years. There may be exceptions, but it can not be discussed. The exception is always the exception. So some couples can be very happy. Finding equal happiness and sadness, smile-happiness, success-failure and equal stakeholder in life. So it is very much seen now that marriage between the same age group.

At the same time, studying or getting close to work, finding a match of mind and finally building the house. Everything can be shared with a same-sex partner as a friend. The things that interest them to match them easily. Things are not always the same. Sometimes it creates a great danger. So many parents can not accept it. We often see some common issues in same-sex marriage, which can make poisonous the married life.

Calling the turmoil


Generally it is seen also, After the age of 45 the sex power of an woman decreases. At the same age the man was a pony horse. At mid-night the man was very helpless. Influenced by men, the influence of marriage in a married life The possibility of divorcing starts due to unhappiness. Marriage in the same age means calling the turmoil.

Personal conflict

Personal conflict

Many times it is seen that, a man of the same age is considered as a psychological fraternity to the woman of the same age. But authority comes to the behavior of the man. Since the woman is more matured in mentally. That is why she has the Grandmotherity, from that fact personal conflict between the two begins and arises soon.



Again, The man does not have the mentality to respect to the own thoughts of the woman or girl who grows up with reasoning and logic also. Because girls have a little more power to understand the surroundings. When the girl is more conscious than the boy, it is the cause of disagreements, complications, etc. in a married life. Refrain from giving proper respect to each other. If emotion falls, divorce is the result of relation.

Mental and physical problems

But through this conflict if the relation sustains and survives then another problem comes to their life. Both of them were between 40 and 45 years old. This is a turning point in women’s lives. This is the time of the usual crisis for woman like losing the ability of the child neuroticism, the reluctance of the husband’s wishes, the absence of calcium etc. At the same time, mental problems are continued also.


SenescenceMental problems became horrible and horrific also day by day to an woman. They start thinking, there is nothing more to give to her husband and others. It comes to sadness in her mind. Due to natural reason an woman turns and becomes adult before man. This is why old age, senescence and Anility is agonized to the woman.

Ending words

Problems between husband and wife occur because of lack of understanding or respect for each other’s beliefs and tastes. Age difference might be a root cause, but it’s not in all the cases. I agree that women have matured mindset than men of their same age. But a man/woman isn’t brought up by genes and traits alone. There are experiences, circumstances, knowledge which builds them to be the human they are. So, when someone wants to be in relationship with someone else, they should be able to understand them, accept their present which is a result of their past, should be willing to share their life with this person irrespective of the circumstances and make love to them. It shouldn’t be like an obligation towards their parents or society, but should be the very reason of their happiness.

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