Crossing The Road Safety Tips That Your Children Should Mandatory Know.

We all know crossing the road can be dangerous. That’s why it’s so important to teach children to take extra care. Go Safe! Ziggy’s Road Safety Mission includes lots of activities, stories, games and videos that will help you and your child practise how to cross the road safely. Explore these together and you will soon both know it off by heart. Here’s Ziggy’s guide to showing children how to cross the road safely…

1. Traffic sign:

Give the child an idea about the traditional traffic sign in our country first. That is, what is the significance of a sign, where is the sign of a road, what is the meaning of road movement, etc. But remember, your explanation is in a child-friendly language so that it can apply it in real life. Best of all, if you can show your child by the time of walking on the road.

2. Traffic Signals:

road sign

Traffic Signs

Teach your children the traffic signals, which means what light means to a child. Remember these things can be very easy for you, but not for your child. So, without being idle or lethargic, just give them a full idea of the traffic signals directly by showing them not just pictures or online.

3. Use zebra crossing and foot over bridge:

foot over bridge

As long as the road is empty, you will always encourage your child to use the foot over bridges. If there is no foot over bridge, where there is a zebra-crossing signal, then after crossing the road, you should teach it properly. If possible, walk out with him for a while and use the zebra-crossing and foot over bridge on the road crossing. As if he was used to seeing himself.

4. Use footpath:

Use footpath

The streets of our country, especially on the streets of the streets, are mostly used for the occupation of hawkers. But even then, instruct the child to use the footpath as much as possible.

5. For crossing the road without jabra-crossing or foot over bridge:

group crossing the road

Tell the child to cross the traffic signal that means crossing the jam-crossing or foot over bridges to cross the road. But, of course, when everyone is in the crowd, advise to cross the road with that brother.

6. Stop, look around and then cross the road:

Stop, look around and then cross the road

Teach this three words ” Stop, look around and then cross the road” like a mantra to your child. As he crosses the road, at first he must stop, then look at the right and left for whether any vehicle is coming or not, and if not, at last safely cross the road.

7. Ears are erect or Have conscious or warnings:

Without any reason generally there may be occurred danger and accident even during the walk along on the footpath. Because of our country’s non-fitness car with no license, a lot of time carries a car with sidewalks on the road. So, while walking on the street, tell your child Surely, if they hear a horn loudly then they become alert and take safety position.

8. Avoid playing or racing on the streets:

Many children are seen walking at the end of the school as they walk around or play in the pavement. Once upon a time to play in the game, they down the road which is very dangerous. So every guardian should advise children to avoid such things while walking on the road.

9. Do not give your hands or head through the window of the car:

Do not give your hands or head through the window of the car

Naturally, any child who carries his hand or head out of the window, is playing some kind of game. So, if the child is on the bus, sometimes the head or hand should not be taken by the window, guardians should be careful in the end.

10. Do not use a bend or turn road for road crossing:

You will instruct the child to avoid crossing the streets where there are curves or turns. Due to road turn, there is no car on the other side is not known. Therefore, during the road movement, instruct the child to be one hundred and fifty feet away from crossing the road.

11. Say no to the rush and hurried :

Say no to the rush and hurried

“If you do not walk fast, the school will be late today or miss the exam or more.” In such a situation, encourage the child to be calm and calm, and harshly discourage the rush. Because, because of missing school attendance or delayed exams, your child’s value is much higher.

School-educated children have a normal temperament, while walking along the streets, they are together at 4-5 jetties. This causes problems for others’ walks in the footpath or other pedestrians are forced to walk on the road. Again there is a tendency for children to cross the road, which is a very scary cause. Therefore, during the road movement, such small issues should be encouraged and advised to refrain from them.

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