Do You Take Tea Or Coffee In The Plastic Cup! – Be Careful Now.

Whether in the workplace or in chat of leisure, there is no alternative to tea or coffee. And eating tea and coffee in the street shops outside of the house means taking mostly in plastic cups. Its price is much lower than the cost of glass cups. So plastic cups have become an alternative to a cup made with glass or ceramic.

But according to doctors, it is not right to take tea or coffee in a plastic cup. According to them, the use of such many things like water bottles and children’s milk bottles made of plastic, heating foods kept in plastic pot with the help of microwave oven, foods sold on plastic wrap, processed foods, and instant noodles etc are calling for such various diseases.

According to the researchers, a toxic named Bisphenol-A which stay into plastic is a big killer in this fact. When the hot food or drink comes in contact with the plastic, these chemicals mix with the food. The normal functioning of women’s estrogen hormone is interrupted when it is inserted in the body regularly. Sperm is reduced in men’s field. Heart, kidney, liver, lungs and skin can also be severely damaged. Even there may also have a fear of being breast cancer .

Plastic Cup

Studies have shown that the ingredients used in making plastic cups are more likely to be infected with multiple diseases, including fatigue, loss of balance of the hormones, decreasing brain power, and when entering the body in a greater degree. For example, polyvinyl chloride (PVC) used to make bottles or pots is softened using thalet. This thalet is poison in our body. Multiple studies have been found in foreign countries, if these chemicals are regularly inserted into the body, such as respiratory problems, obesity, type 2 diabetes, low intelligence, autism, breast cancer, and nervous diseases.

Plastic Cup

Recently, an international study has revealed that the horror of the spread of cancer in sub-continent as well as this continent. India’s position is just after China and America after the disease was affected. According to the study, the number of cancer cases increased every year from 4.5 to 5 percent in the country. So, for a long time to live with a healthy body, avoid using plastic cups, glass or pot to take tea, coffee or to have other food items.

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