The Triangle Mark or Sign On The Bottom Of The Plastic Container!- Have you ever noticed or tried to know what it means?

Plastic bottles spread out Inside and outside the house. This plastic bottle is almost always used for keeping the food from the water . It is also easy to clean the bottle. Now-a-days the use of plastic bottles has become increasingly a part of life due to the simplicity of the use. But, we never notice the triangle sign on plastic bottles.

triangle mark on the plastic bottle

However, we generally use these plastic bottle day after day with unconscious. Many people heat the baby’s feeding plastic bottle filled with milk. Is it too healthy to the rational use of plastic bottles? We never try to discriminate this fact. So, if you understand the meaning of the triangle mark under the plastic bottle, then many problems can be solved.

Triangle Mark-

triangle mark

This is actually the plastic bottle character index. This sign indicates that whether the bottle is manufactured with statutory or not. But, it can be understood by the number in the triangle sign about how reliable or what kind of things can be used in the bottle.

The number in triangle mark under the plastic bottle

triangle mark under the plastic bottle

If there is 1 number in the triangle

This means that the bottle can be used only once and the Polyethylene terephthalate plastic has been used to the bottle production. The multiple usage of this type of plastic bottle is harmful to the Health.

triangle mark 1and 2 under the plastic bottle

If the number 2 is written in the triangle –

The dense polythene have been used to produce such plastic bottle. Basically these bottles are used for keeping shampoo or detergent.

If there is the number 3 in the triangle sign

Such bottle should not be used more. Because this bottle is made from ‘Polyvinyl chloride’ or ‘PVC’. There is a risk of cancer. This bottle is used to keep ‘peanut butter’.

triangle mark 3 and 4 under the plastic bottle

If the number 4 is written in the triangle –

Such types plastic is useful for over and over again usage. In particular, lots of this symbol are seen in plastic packets. This sign is seen on the very expensive bottle.

If there is the number 5 in the triangle sign

This types of plastic is absolutely safe and repetitive usable. These types of signs are seen in the ice cream cups or syrup bottles or food containers.

triangle mark 5, 6 & 7 under the plastic bottle

If the number 6 or 7 is written in the triangle –

This is called the red card of plastic. These types of plastic are seriously harmful. Because such types of plastic are made with polystyrene and polycarbonate Bisphenol A. It creates the hormonal problems in humans. Continuous use of such plastic enhances the probability and risk of cancer.

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