perfect sex with partner

Make perfect sex with your partner.

How to make perfect sex with your partner?

General words

To make perfect sex is the first condition for each other is to be respectful to your partner. You’ll have the plan to ensure of how much you are enjoying whether your partner is enjoying so or not, and then sex will be easily satisfying. Have launch with the partner make a smile contortions that would immediately tell your mate that you up sex, you are getting very sleepy, so you can not do anything else tonight angry with your partner if you cease to teach naive!

perfect sex with partner

Duties before her husband’s enjoyment

1. To the husband, beloved wife’s knowledge, even with the provision of physical and mental satisfaction. To satisfy his own desires enjoyment should not be the sole aim also.

2. Be applied to any type of force is not recommended at all. It should be kept in mind.

3. Kiss, hug, oppression, etc., in many ways, with his wife, and then I woke for sex engaging fully to each of the men.

4. Women slowly until his surrender should not be involved with the cohabiting.

5. Do not reveal the woman’s sexual tension. It is understood, however, see a lot of signs.

6. Women’s duty is to enhance expression of respect and love to the husband.

7. The husband should never say so many bad things which his girlfriend hates. He should be told that sexual intercourse without reluctance. Disturbance should not be reprimanded or hate. The husband in grief and resentment can arise.

8. woman’s duty is to kiss her husband, sting, and embrace the reply.

9. Husband strategy should be explained to the woman awake, full of desire.

10. Slowly, slowly it comes back to the excitement of women is satisfied. Tensions came to a sudden end to the man suddenly. So women do not wake up full of lust when combined mating females can not get full satisfaction. For this unconventional, the woman is not full satisfaction for the man until he can pass. For many disasters of marriage may come.

Quick ate her way

1. Lips kiss on the cheek frequently.
2. Maithunera aloud before his wife’s thigh rub.
3. Before enjoyment, to gently rub the clitoris.
4. Clitoris chafing.
5. Rub breasts into intercourse time.
6. At the tip of the penis before intercourse are fitted with little camphor is made, however, she quickly gain satisfaction. However, that is not more camphor, the wife of the vagina and the penis may be felt combustion.

Intercourse period

1. The second night, hours after the girls’ sleeping a little better during coitus.
2. Forbidden sexual intercourse during the day.
3. Early sexual intercourse may be harmful to the body.
4. Teacher intake immediately after sexual intercourse is prohibited.
5. Angry or anxious mood, she should not have sexual intercourse. It should be cheerful intercourse.

How much season is being useful for intercourse?

A. -90% Spring.
B. Autumn -70%.
C. -50% During the rainy season.
D. Hemantakala -40%.
E. Summer -30%.
F. Winter -২0%.

Weapon or a gentle beat

At the time of sex, the gentle beat has been recognized as an ingredient. Ascari a feeling to hear a lot of words, but Kamasutra explanation has been given. Mating or sexually harassed some women want from the so-psychology acknowledges that some men can harass women. But the weapon is not exactly because the union is not required before. Gradually increase pleasure during intercourse for men and women in full-body can soften the gentle beat. Mathyacari-psychology is the joy that beating. So it is both a joy to be able to make perfect sex. It depends on both the mental condition.

There are striking variations in again –
1. Beating first-hand and closed fist striking gentle in various parts of the body.
2. Slap (left hand slowly open.)
3. Beating with the help of two fingers.
4. Circulatory beating and striking mix.

Rub or massage

However, the report concluded, however, sometimes the grind during rubbing is not true. At night mating or prior to grinding higher. The soft parts of woman’s body such as breasts, buttocks, etc. urudbaya is haye chafing. Ratikriyakale breasts and buttocks without having to rub Vatsyayana say that men and women both enjoy. However, those who like to do it. However, if one or both does not like is not necessary.

auparisthaka or fellatio
Fellatio Vatsyayana, as usual, refused to recognize the union. It is always between husband and wife can not go on. Still, it is mentioned in the Scriptures.
Of course, this does not mean that being mentioned in the Scriptures, it has a very good seat or respect it. It is written in an unusual meeting, simply because of the name has been mentioned.

Auparisthaka recognized Indian nations and some common but because he is not given a high place.
Pandit stays at the most abominable of all fellatio-so was not discussed.
Vatsyayana says the woman is not a just three-plus class, and a class name of the class napunsaka.
Napunsaka of the vagina is not well-formed, so it is not possible to sex acts with them. They can only feed made fellatio.
This class is willing mukhamehane napunsaka a lot of time in exchange for money.

This fellatio eight haye thaka

1. Napunsaka it comes down to his penis-nimita karatale comes to his osthadhare friction.
II. Comes off the side cover comes in the face of gender entered the corpses.
3. Bahihsandansantadamta and uncover the foreskin lips.
4. Again and again to take the penis into the mouth and out. This is a long period.
5. Antahsandansantaosthadhara to the suction.
6. Suction by the tongue.
7. Amr amracosana-like suction to the penis.
8. Akanthita-samsata parusanga like a swallow.

Embarrassing can continue with the physiognomy of the face.
Nicajatiya by a lot of women may be at work.
Kamasastre faces ban physiognomy. Some like it when you are willing to them.-or rabangana put it. Zenana carinidera but it should not be.

Intercourse later

Both should have intercourse for at least a quarter of the hot milk, ekarati application and be enjoying the set misri connection. Sahabase some energy may be reduced. As a result, little is met. Otherwise, you should not have sexual intercourse. For this reason, scholars masane once the system was coitus. Poor or middle-class people in order to collect the above content is not too difficult. Haye powerless men were soon playing nutritious food and energy loss.

Maithunera excessive loss for the digestion. As a result, acid, indigestion occurs, and various diseases. These diseases from drinking milk after maithunera for sure nisakrtira atyabasyaka. If possible, use the following were offered various remedies do not have to fear.

(1) nuts harvested two good fortune of playing in the heat of the special benefit maithunera misri connection.

(2) 2-gram butter, mixed with molasses or two rock candy enjoying being the easiest is to fill the loss.

(3) the good fortune of moong ki daal and fry, then rock candy or mixed with sugar to taste like stubble after four rubbing like to take the benefit.

Napunsakatara showed signs of sexual intercourse with penis washed. That is why coitus situation after some time to wash the penis. In this regard, everyone should keep watch.


After making body will take care of what is written about and how many rules are bidhibandha. It’s the one we’re discussing.

1. After making two contiguous haye will be a while. It is emotional satisfaction. Gradually, the body is cold. The love is long-haye.

2. And of course, everyone will wash their genitals as well-it’s binding. However, after a while.

3. There are a lot of provisions of the Scriptures to the two lana do not keep it all.

4. Sugar mixed with a little lemon juice or yogurt, a glass of water or something to eat only cold water. The body is good.

5. Must serve a patented medicine may be needed.

6. After making the necessary sleep last night-tadai approach is not recommended.

7. The next morning bath necessary. If you do not mind, it is clean, the service does not spirit. Otherwise, the next day there is upset, the service could come boredom.

8. At the end of the beginning of sexual intercourse or drug use is not good. The physical harm could come to love goes away-emotional numbness.

9. The middle portion of the first and last hours of the night, with the exception of sexual intercourse utkrstha time, to always keep in mind.

10. After making more than vigil, study, mourning, reflection and screaming about some difficult emotional tension is not good.

successful mating

We will now discuss a successful mating is necessary.
Some may question the success or non-success-coitus again? As usual meeting of men and women. Full of joy and emission of semen sexual intercourse. This is the coitus.

We do not say, it is not.


We’ll do a more than two per cent of the mating is not successful mating. Why not? Gera successful mating to say what it is, he is about to discuss. His wife may have been more or less satisfied desires. However, a pregnant woman give birth haye scraped, but it is not successful mating.


The answer is that many people have been saithuna or emission of semen. But very few people successful mating occurs fate.
Now she’ll talk about.

maithunera successful identity

If the mating physical then mental and physical is not no harm. Flip greatly increases the attractiveness of joy and passion, and maithunera; Increases the attraction and cheerful and calm her heart, ligdhataya became full-coitus to succeed him.

maithunera successful results

1. At first gets peace of mind. Sarbakaje mind and the mind is strong encouragement leads to haye.
2. Also, brings concentration activities. The connection to the increased activities of the mind.
3. Brrddhi for the performance of physical and mental satisfaction. Feel proud of yourself.
4. Can true love, and her love for her grew. Attractions wife comes to her husband.
5. Is attracted to another woman.

maithunera unsuccessful results

1. I do not have peace. Mind gradually filled with despair. Haye mood is irritable.
2. The mind is agitated and upset all the time.
3. Technology can reduce vulnerability to mental activity.
4. His wife fell in love.
5. Paranari moral corruption that may occur to the attractions. Patitaraya gamanao may occur.
6. Sometimes the body is feeling overall body weight. Decreased interest in eating and sleep.
7. Eye irritation mouth is Wind strength.
8. Traverses the head and stomach nauseous.
9. Maithunera gradually leads to hatred yet.

Now, what is the mating success?
The main reason being to be successful in coitus non-union of man and woman.

Non-successful because make perfect sex does not occur.

Now some of the main causes of non-successful intercourse being written and the judge also thought to be.
1. Maithunera ago, women did not stir.
2.Intercourse situation is not created by you. it will be created automatically on condition.
3.Make perfect sex isn’t involved in the appropriate seat.
4. In the absence of coitus can not be fulfilled.
5. Intercourse condition is not so full of joy. Physical damage.
6. Frequently, however, Intercourse is avoidable. It is harmful to the body.
7. Unfit wife and the wife is not appropriate unless the full coitus.
8. Other difficulties or mental reasons.
9. The husband or wife of a secret addiction to women or men.
10. The actual coitus without excitement.

Tension of

Now the excitement of what is being said about her symptoms.
The excitement of two types: (1) original (ii) copy or outward.
The sexual excitement was usually seen in men and women often fake orgasm.
Why would he be forged before the real excitement is what’s called signs?
Men and women or men and women dragged themselves to try to bring the excitement and the tension arises in the heart of the excitement that is not true.

The mood on the face shows each other in the heart itself, combined with the irrepressible desire arises, however, if it is true that the real excitement.

About Vatsyayana says the real excitement .-

If a woman’s memories (appearance) by itself or in addition to meditation stirred up the heart, but the real excitement resort. But the talk of the era when people used to depend on nature. Depending on the nature of his mental state was assessed.

Today, the era has changed.

Women’s images are often seen and nowadays Markets around the various advertising photos of women in various styles. The woman’s body gestures in variety but youth nowadays a lot of things are sold through advertising. signboard woman portrait can be seen from the various ways.

Nowadays, however, is not as easy understanding the genuine excitement.

So now the real excitement is otherwise C is haye. That is, women are attracted to the inclination itself and anything else the mind can not be controlled, then the actual tension and the actual tension to him. Just the fact that coitus should not without excitement. The real excitement is not so awake it down. The damage may be physical and Mansi. The real excitement during coitus can not be done without the coitus.

Sex power shortage

shortage of sexual energy and the emission of semen as soon as the same thing, but in two slightly different reasons. Soon the offspring is a kind of disease fall. We’ll talk specifically about the disease section. But the shortage of energy is a major jinja coitus. It is depending on the physical and mental condition.

Reason: –

1. More excitement.
2. Tensions frequently but in small quantities.
3. When the tension is not mating with an understanding partner.
4. Maithunera time, fear, shame, and no barriers.
5. After a long time to coitus.
6. Masturbate.
7. Physical illness.
8. Congenital weakness etc. and sexual disorder.
Soon-to remedy the fall, after the sexual disorder, congenital weakness, etc. are discussed. What has been said that every disease medicine?

Liquor consumption

Of course, there should be any type of intoxication has been reported in the Scriptures. However, some people like some drugs have been increasing the power of coitus. That is, if the addiction is, however, a little does not just confine intoxication, but slightly increases sexual power, but it must be beneficial.

Does intoxication increase sexual power?

Not just a little, dried-roaring biryyake bold, so can be a little over the coitus. According to Scripture, however, small amounts of drugs in order to increase the sense of power and physical strength to be used in conjunction with each of the drugs.

For example, (1) alcohol. (Ii) fulfillment. (3) Opium, etc. But according to the extent, it is used in the low-right dimension. Lajjasali woman, but her husband refused to effect the proposal. The husband was upset and finally scraped to prostitution. Who has died willingly for abdominal career, money, naked and outrageous as to whether work, they do it? One last thing. Sadhalana as much as possible by eating and drinking should try to increase sexual power before. Then, of course, medicine. Drug addiction is higher than the level is not good.

Sexual indrayera defaults

Another major obstacle is the inability of all sexual points o the body. Disability because of the disability and sexual coitus, but just not the same. Although you may be able to sense the power of coitus.


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