Liver disease symptoms and domestic way to get rid of.

Liver disease means to get the neckline. Thinking of any other disease, such as liver disease, seems to pique the unknown fear. And everyone around them became a liver specialist. It does, do not do that, the national advice continues to come.

The advice does not end in what specifically to eat and what can not be eaten. The thing that seems to be taking care of liver patients every day is that these patients are very confused about their eating and drinking.

Liver disease symptoms

Especially speaking with liver specialists, their confusion increases in many cases. Because of our common belief about the patient’s path to liver disease, in many cases it does not fit with modern medical science.

Your eyes are yellow.

Yellow eye

Medical Director of Liver Transplantation at Cleveland Clinic KV Narayanan Menon said that yellow eyes are a symptom that shows that the liver is not working well and it is most likely the most common symptom of liver disease or liver disease. Bilirubin, a yellow color substance, is usually bitten by the liver and removed from the body. But if there is a problem with liver, bilirubin is accumulating in the body which makes the white part of the eye yellow.

Your stomach is filled with fluid

stomach filled with fluid

If your stomach swells suddenly and does not stop, it can cause more bloating than normal bloating or abdominal blisters. Dr. Menon said, the increased pressure between the blood vessels of the liver could accumulate fluid inside the stomach. The doctor is important to show that your stomach has swollen due to gas, food or fluid.

Have Hepatitis A, B or C


If the liver is infected with viruses or parasites or parasites or germs, liver inflammation and liver function loss decreases. The most common type of liver infection or liver infection is the hepatitis virus. Hepatitis is spread by contacting the affected person or taking contaminated food and water on the body.

Stage Liver disease

Hepatitis B and C, on the other hand, can be transmitted to the body through blood, sexual intercourse and other body fluids in most cases. Dr. Menon said, good treatment has been discovered for hepatitis C, so people should check if they have hepatitis C. Talk to a doctor about keeping the liver healthy.

You can not stop itching

Whether you believe or not, a sick lever can irritate the body throughout the body. Dr. Menon said, we certainly do not know, but it seems to be related to biles salts. Pitta is a liver-produced substance, but primary biliary cirrhosis (an autoimmune liver disease that closes the bile duct or pistil), and the bile gets accumulated in the affected areas, and there is a significant symptom (such as itchiness) in the body.

You’re always tired


Prolonged fatigue is a symptom that can almost always indicate that the body is not good. Liver disease or liver disease can always feel fatigue.

You are very alcoholic


Liver damage can lead to excessive and prolonged alcohol use, even after the last liver disease. Liver helps in removing chemicals and toxins in the body, so pumping it regularly on alcoholic means that it is being kept busy with overtime work.

You deserve to be overweight

Extra weight

Excessive weight or obesity can affect you more physically than you would in the mirror. In particular, among non-alcoholic fatty liver disease or alcohol-free medicinal liver disease increases in people over forty and fifty, which is mainly due to fat deposits in the liver. Sometimes it may cause acute cirrhosis or liver. Good news is that you can control or change the risk factors of obesity, high cholesterol and diabetes development.

You have family history of liver disease

liver disease

Dr. Menon said that small-organ liver disease is inherited, so if any member of your family or a member has died of liver disease or liver cancer, expose it to the doctor so that he can better monitor your liver disease.

You are skeptical or forgetting

Memory loss

A little forgetting or forgetting is considered a good thing, but suddenly do not think of forgetting everything or simply forgetting unsuspecting brain fert (temporary forgetness). Hepatic encephalopathy (brain damage caused by liver failure to remove toxin from blood) is a condition that is unable to remove toxin from the body of the liver and it usually happens to patients who have chronic liver disease, cirrhosis or hepatitis.

Domestic way for curing:

Lemon water mixture:

Lemon water mixturePractice daily drinking water lemon mixture. It contains a lot of vitamin C, which helps to emit the liver.

Green Tea:

Green tea

Drink a cup of green tea every morning and in the afternoon. This helps to fix liver function.

Apple Cedar Vinager:

Apple Cedar VinagerDrink a few cups of apple cider vinegar in a cup of hot water and drink it every day. After having it for a few months, you will see fat in the liver has disappeared.

Ginger water mixture:

Ginger waterDrink a teaspoon of ginger powder in hot water and drink twice a day. Playing this drink for 15 days, you will feel much better. Because it almost closes the fat depositing process in the liver. As a result, the liver began to slow down.

Amla juice:

Amla juiceDue to Vitamin C in the diet, it releases the liver. So if a patient with lever’s disease consumes the juice every day for 25 days, eat one spoon every morning, then he will recover faster.

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