How to Make or Keep Smartphone just like New Smartphone Purchased?

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It was somehow when you bought a new smartphone. After a few days, they became different. Slow down, storages are also reduced. But in a little bit, you can make the phone look like new again. Take expert tips on this topic.

New Smartphone

Keep Smartphone just like New Smartphone Purchased

1. Keep software updates

keep software updated

Keep phone software updated. That is to say, here to update the entire operating system. Whatever the iOS or Android, it will have to keep updated from its app store. If the system is not updated, the phone will become slower.

2. Uninstall unneeded apps


Slowly many apps accumulate on the phone. There are many of them that have been installed with interest but are not used anymore. Find out which apps you no longer use. They just fill up the phone’s storage. Drop it, the phone will be as usual.

3. Stop the background work or data.

restricted background data

In both OS and Android operating systems, some apps are available in the background. At the end of the work, this facility was kept back to the previous place. Feel free to stop these tasks at the end of the job. Ram will be free. The phone will run smoothly.

4. Keep the Home Screen Clean

Keep the Home Screen Clean

The Android home screen has many options. Widgets can be added. This makes it possible to easily move to the desired app. But the home screen became irregular in their use. So, who does not need them, do not keep those icons on the home screen. The phone will show tidiness in it.

5. Reduce the animation

Reduce the animation

If the phone slows down to go to another app from an app, then reduce the number of animations working on the operating system. Good use of live wallpapers, other special pictures, etc.

6. Clean up

RAM Cleaner

Uninstalling some apps will only empty the storage. Apart from this, the Temporary file will get the phone. Clear them regularly and Clear the browser too. You should clean the history of your smartphone regularly.

7. Reset

Reset android phone

When the phone is not fast in any way, you can take bigger steps. Give a factory reset. It will clear everything. You must first backup all the information on the phone. Neither will you get in trouble. If you give the factory reset, the factory will be completely new.

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