Irregular Physical Relationship May Occur Which Problems.

In a research paper published in the American Journal of Medicine, what problems can be occurred if the irregular physical relation is continued? It is known from that research paper that the major five problems may be due to irregular physical relation.

In medical science, physical relations is an exercise. To be healthy that should be regular. But the time or situation comes when sex is lost from life. For many, it can be seen, maybe there is no physical relation with the partner or someone for a long time. Let’s know what type of problems may be occurred due to the irregular physical relation.

Erectile dysfunction:

erectile dysfunction

The erectile dysfunction can occur. Keep in mind that at least 80 percent of the cases are like this. A study published in the American Journal of Medicine said that regular physical relationships keep the penis healthy. In those who interact with the partner at least one day a week, the chances of erectile dysfunction are less likely or delayed when the bump is closed.

Body resistance:

Physical relationships increase the body’s resistance. That is to say, the power of diseases prevention into the body is reduced when the physical relationship is stopped or continued irregularly.

Libido :

lower libido

It is compulsory to reduce sexual intercourse for a long time when physical relationships have ceased. It has been found that, after the sudden shutdown of sex, a strong desire for sex at first can be awakened. But if there is no long-term sex, it will gradually diminish. But it is entirely dependent, in what state is sex? When a strong emotional storm comes, sex intentions can easily come to an end.

Makes the mind fresh:

mind fresh

Physical Relationship Makes the Mind Light and Helps to stay relaxed. Naturally if it is not sex, then freshness will be lost from life.

Memory and intelligence:

Memory intelligenceRegular physical Relationships keep the human brain much more active. In other words, it sharpens the intelligence. The relationship with sex, memory and intelligence has proven direct connection.

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