Imaginary Friend Disorder

Imaginary Friend Disorder: Do You have any imaginary friend?

General words of Imaginary Friend Disorder

Is there any small child in your house? Just Follow the child. You will see, sometimes s/he is showing such behave as though any someone is just in front of him. And s/he is talking to him. But actually, there is no one. Not only this child, You’ll be surprised knowing that, perhaps at your childhood, you used to speak to such invisible one or would share your own stories and played with. As though it is goodly the event of any horror movie. But not, it’s not anything relates to scratch-ghost. According to the psychology, the mental problem like to talk with Invisible someone or to think its existence as real is called ‘Imaginary friend disorder’.

Imaginary friend

Though everything is Normally ok, the person affected by this problem ideate making their invisible friend. But it’s the matter of thought that, not only small children but also many older people suffer from this problem like Imaginary Friend Disorder. After understanding everything too they build a friendship with dark one. Now araising questions are that, why do people make such imaginary friendship? or What should have the actual causes of the mental problems?


Causes of Imaginary friends disorder

Causes of Imaginary friends disorder

There are many certain reasons for in spite of having so many people around him bypassing when the people make any imaginary friends. But it’s different on the basis of age. The two types of people children and adults create Imaginary friend disorder into themselves for something completely different causes. Let’s know the reasons.


Causes For Children

Causes of Imaginary friends disorder for children

Many people think that such tendency is seen among those children who suffer from solitary, loneliness, self-absorbed and love to keep itself away from the people. In fact, it’s not the right fact indeed. In particular, it’s is seen that the children who have the imaginary friend are more sunny, jolly, social, and people surrounded than any other children but big, alone and staying away from television and entertainment media. Because to create imaginary friend children’s need and face enough rambling & incoherent time. And if they pass so more solo time then they mentally make an own imaginary friend.


Causes For Adults

Causes of Imaginary friends disorder for adult

Due to several reasons, adults make the imaginary friend for themselves. One of the cause is more drug addiction. The other causes to make the imaginary friend are also additional stress, loneliness, and depression also. And in many cases, if the children make an imaginary friend in mind then it is continued staying in mind for so far till to be the adult after. However, it’s children or adult, the fact of making imaginary friends is not only limited to the about human. The human brain sometimes chooses to the animal-birds and superhuman power legendary as the imaginary friend. In the boy’s the trends of making the imaginary friend with the boy are seen and wherein the girls makes the imaginary friend of the boy and girl also.


Is Imaginary Friend Harmful?
Imaginary Friend Harmful?


The answer to this Question is different on the basis of person. This for example, in children, there are such many children who are able to return back from their own fear place through making the imaginary friends. If they face any problems then don’t get any fear rather creating the new technique with the help of the imaginary friend. In this sense, it’s not his mental weakness, but a direction of mental power. However, it is difficult when the imaginary friend gets more importance than of the real one. In many cases, we have seen that the children show rough behave with all in real due to the imaginary friend.

Not only whatever it is, the imaginary friend becomes the matter of thought when the imaginary friend created into children mind stay till after being the adult. Usually, this trend in the children mind is continued less till before going to school. One of the studies shows that, though 28% students have the imaginary friend before first stepping at school after being a student this trend raised at 32%. All think that having Imaginary friends is always bad or negative matter. However, but it has some positive side.


If people have an imaginary friend, Then –

If people have an imaginary friend

* They Get the opportunity to increase self-creativity. Your child or any familiar person is not only looking at people around but also creating many more imaginary friends in his own mind, it is a very creative mindset.

* Imaginary friends can do that, real friends cannot do. A man’s fictional friend knows him the most because he himself has made him. As a result, it is easy for him to take the help of an Imaginary Friend and find solutions quickly if he is afraid or frightened.

* Sometimes It is difficult for little children to learn a lot. In that case, it is easy to solve this problem with the help of his imaginary friend.

Imaginary friend disorders

But keep in mind, whether the imaginary friend is really fictional or not. Although most people create imaginary friends, they know that they are not actually real. When we ask the questions then about 77 percent give the answer that these friends are not real. And the rest admitted that this friend was only made up of their minds. So keep in mind, the matter is not so much a concern to thought. But this imaginary friend does not exceed the reach of the hand. Otherwise, if not able to separate the myths and real people, the whole thing can take into a horrible shape.

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