What Was The Secret Of Hawking’s Wheelchair That Surprised The World People!?

On January 8, 1942, world physicist Stefan William Hawking was born in Oxford, England. After being diagnosed with motor neuron disease at the age of 21, wheelchairs became the main link of his life. But his wheelchair is not like a wheelchair used by five people in the world. He could communicate with others through a modern chair named Hawking’s wheelchair.

The computer was associated with this chair and there were a variety of sophisticated software. When the whole body was paralyzed, he used to speak through these software.

Hawking’s words became obscure since the age of 21. And since the year 1985, the word is closed. That year, Hawking went to Geneva to attend the Ceremonies event. When suddenly a pneumonia is attacked, it is necessary to make the trichotomy (to enter the windpipe with a hole in the neck) to normalize breathing. Then he lost his speech.

After losing his speech, he started talking using spelling cards, the renowned physicist. Let’s say the words by writing one-by-one letters. It was a lot of patience. He also tried to convince the eye, what he wanted to say. Seeing the hardships of Hawking, his physicist Martin King secretly communicated with the California company ‘Word Plus’. They were working with a program called ‘Equalizer’, which could be used to indicate the word or speech through the computer by clicking on the hand held device.

The ‘Speech Synthesizer’ tool, created by an organization named ‘Speech Plus’, is associated with ‘Equalizer’ for Hawking. Hawking’s Wheelchair handle is applied on a handle. Hand writing was written on the computer through the device. And the synthesizer was floated through the words.

Hawking could have published up to 15 messages in a minute. His first story was “One Assistant Needed,” A Brief History of Time ‘to be finished’.

Thus, after spending more than a decade in 1997, Gordon Moore, co-founder of Intel, met with Hawking in 1997. He urged Hawking to use Intel’s original computer with a microprocessor. Since he responds to the call, then Intel gives technical support to Hawking. They used to change their computer every two years. After several years of doing so, in 2008, there was the power to respond to the same. Her body was completely paralyzed. Then his assistant discovered a new device. The machine named ‘Chic Speech’, which works with infrared rays, is fitted with hawking glasses. The other part of this device is fitted with software, in its cheeks.

His head was pierced on one hand. And one side of the cheek is completely inefficient. Then only one of the cheeks muscles work. The chip speech is the software that can shake the muscles of one side of the cheek. However, in 2011, one of the cheeks of the side of the chest closed. Hawking could only have spoken in the last minute. Then he wrote to Gordon Murray, Intel’s co-founder, Intel, ‘the speed of talking has slowed down. What can your organization help to Hawking? ‘

Then on the 70th birthday of Hawking, the whole of Intel’s lab was brought to Cambridge. Despite many attempts, they could not increase the talking power of Hawking. After their failure, Hawking said, “The human brain is the real computer. When his parts get worse, the computer will stop working. Does the broken computer get a restoration? Or go to heaven?

At the age of 21, the doctors told him that he’ll alive in this earth maximum next two years. But by rejecting the theories of the doctors, he went a long way with the help of a complete body and technology. He provided the huge exclusive information to change the modern science.

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