Ginseng: The Natural Viagra That Leads To Boost Desire Secret Power.

Ginseng is a plant species of the family in English. It is a kind of perennial plant with fleshy roots. It originated in eastern Asia, especially in China, Korea, and East Siberia, in cold conditions. There is a trend of ginseng in many countries as a power-packing tonic. The word Ginseng is pronounced in the name of the country which is named Korea. Ginseng is known to many as Korean Viagra.


What is Ginseng

Actually, Ginseng is the origin of the tree. The name of this tree. It has been used for medicinal quality in Korea for thousands of years. Definition of its tree and in English is to say. Koreans eat zinc in different ways. The whole of the original soup, it is necessary to eat the stewed rice. Chiba is to take the extract of Chiba. Wine is made from jeans. There are also various food items in Ginseng.

What is Ginseng

It is called surprising. In China, the genus its tree has been used as the main strenuous energy source for thousands of years. It also has multiplication qualities. Someone from China is usually seen to bring ginseng and green tea as gifts. After getting such a gift, I thought that this wonder is the fact that scientifically proven or is this ancient Chinese myth? Got going to the various information. People of our country know little about it. So today’s post to give a complete idea about Ginseng.


Ginseng types:

Basically, two kinds of jinxing medicines are known as – American and Asian. Among these, Asian Ginseng is more effective. These two types of Ginseng are called Panax Ginseng.

Ginseng types

The word panchax comes from the Greek word “panacea”, which means that all the diseases of the disease. It is available in both forms of white (peeled) and red (including peas). It is more effective with peas. Among them is responsible for the efficiency of an element called Ginseng acid. There is another type of tree named Siberian Ginseng, which is said to be Ginseng, but it is not actually genuine.


Ginseng and Impotent Problem

Impotent Problem

If it is proved to be the most important of Ginseng’s qualities, its role in preventing disability in men’s linking. Run a test on the patient of 45 erectile dysfunctions (disabled person). They were given 900 mg of jinxing 3 times a day for 8 weeks, then after two weeks of break, they were given 8 weeks to eat. 80% of them said that their linking was easy during acceptance of ginseng. In 2007, two other types of research performed on 60 individuals and over 90 people were published. In a 2002 study, scientists discovered how ginseng helped with the linking. There is a poisonous tissue in men’s genitals. In the presence of nitric oxide, this tissue is filled with blood and causes lengthening. It helps straighten the body by increasing the quantity of nitric oxide.


Ginseng and the quick spell


Although it is not known how to use the main disease of Katcha ginseng, creams made from jeans have been used worldwide to prevent rapid vandalism, which is to be washed before mixing and keeping it tied before sex one hour earlier. According to a study published in 2000, it increased the effectiveness of time during spermicide and side effects. Actually, the word Ginseng comes from the Chinese word “reengseng” “Rena” means man and “sen” meaning “legs”, its unique contribution to the increase in sex is its name (though it looks like a man with legs).


Ginseng improves Memory and Mental performanceimproves Memory and Mental performance

It means that the ability to reach different conclusions such as mind, memory, listening ability, understanding ability, imagination, learning ability, judicial thinking, thinking power and solving problems. Speaking in a straightforward way is the human intellect. Ginseng increases mental strength by directly working on the nervous system. According to the research published in 2005, 30 researchers on the healthful Yuba have found that the reception of genes played a positive role in remembering reading during their exams. A study conducted in 2000 in the same journal, a study conducted on 64 people by the UK, and a study of 358 people by China, proved that it has helped in both memory and overall growth of the elderly and the elderly. According to a study published in 2005, it was responsible for the elimination of brain cells that destroyed memory (such as Parkinson’s disease, Huntington’s disease, etc.).


Ginseng and diabetesGinseng and diabetes

In 2008, according to a 19-type type 2 diabetes patient’s study, it proved to be effective in type 2 diabetes management.


Ginseng and cholesterol



According to a study published in 2003, an 8-week ginseng at 6 mg rate of the day helps to reduce bad cholesterol such as its levels and increase good cholesterol or its levels.


Disease of lung protection and cure

lung protection

Being one of the common diseases of the lungs. These patients suffer from breathing, cough on the chest, and some of the lung erosion. According to the researches carried out on 92 patients published in 2002, it has proven to improve the overall condition of ginseng for 3 months in 100 mg doses.


Skin caring

Nourishment Of The SkinGinseng is used in various anti-aging creams and stretches marks creams. These creams work on the collagen of the skin, preventing the skin of the skin of the skin, and eliminating the scars caused by skin inflammation of pregnant women. However, it is not known how much its role was for the role of other components in the Cretaceous.


Cancer protection and curing


Although ginseng can not cure cancer, researchers from the American Mayo Clinic Cancer Center say ginseng Helper has been able to reduce the risk of cancer patients. The study of 340 patients showed that the weakness of the patients who have used high-quality ginseng capsules for 8 weeks has decreased compared to other treatment methods.


Disease prevention systems

Disease prevention systemsIn one study, 227 people performed 100 mg day time of 100 mg day once in 12 weeks and in another study 60 people in 100 mg daily and 8 weeks have been shown that their immune cells (such as etc.) have increased in effective quantities. That means it increases resistance to disease.


Some other diseases and Ginseng 

Ginseng is very effective as the growth of feminine hormone, increase in immune system and energy-saving energy drinks also. Its blood fluid prevents stroke. Fossils have been known to use it to reduce some other diseases. Scientists did not deny the effectiveness of it by studying the disease and did not accept it. These diseases include, cervical-cough, influenza, cancer (stomach, lungs, liver, skin, ovaries), bloodlessness, depression, water coming, digestion problems etc.



According to this, Asian Jining Sons can eat again after 2-3 weeks of eating and drink again with a break of 2 weeks. American ginseng can eat 8 weeks after eating and drink again with a break of 2 weeks. Since it is a very effective drug, it is believed to be used for long periods of long-term use (although there is no scientific proof of long-term damage). It is usually eaten as tablets, powders, drinks, and their bodies.

According to the report for tablets or powders, for the increase of mental capacity and the rise of the link, 3 times per day by 900mg powder, the dosage for energy or stamina growth and diabetes is 200 mg of powder a day, 100 times increase in immunity Migrate twice a day For this, the dose is 0.2 mg also. Playing the original can be eaten 0.5-2 grams of rice a day daily. The tie is the most cost-effective to buy the main. The main can be eaten with chile, can be eaten by keeping it under the tongue, can be eaten with water for one hour or so, or water can be eaten with water for 5 minutes.


Side effects:

The most serious side effect of ginseng is sleep problems. As already mentioned, it stimulates the nervous system and enhances mental strength also. It is late for sleep due to the excited nerves, such as after eating coffee. Other common problems include diarrhea, headache, heartbeat, and blood pressure (temporary).


Who does not eat?

Children, pregnant and breastfeeding mothers are forbidden to eat it which works on the nervous system so it should not be eaten with any other medicines (such as sleeping medicine, depression, drugs) that work on the nerves, or the nerves will become more excited. It prevents blood clotting, so patients of heart who are already eating other medicines (such as eating them, they do not eat jeans), improves blood sugar syrup, so diabetic patients should consult with a doctor to take it with the medicine. Sugar cannot be reduced much.

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