how to find out your child into crouded

How to find out your child if he/she lose into crowd place?

Find out your lost children into crowd place.

General words

We are into the crowd and take a tremendous step in the way of the home at the various festival time. Thousands of people rushed to their village from the workplace or accommodation with their family and children also. Among the crowd, there is no security for us and the small children are to be more sufferer. Those problems, disturbances, and stress what if would be managed. But somehow if the child is lost slipping from the hands? If the kidnapper takes your baby by following you? There will be a tremendous crowd, but some people with vested interests, who will have to wait for your child to harm. Let’s know what’ll you do then.

how to find out your child into crouded

Techniques to find out your child if he/she lose into crowd place.

Teach some information to children

Always teach some useful information like parents name, phone number, address, the color of house to your children. Even if you lose, he will be able to ask for help. If the child is too young to remember that information then write that information on a paper and keep it in his bag or pocket on these days when you make him ready for going out with you. Write at least one phone number in his hand.


Let your child dress in bright colors. You will be benefited by it while if his hand is Sudden displaced from your hand in the midst of the crowd. It takes a little ridiculous effect. Some of the colors are seen in the crowd from distance place. For example – red, yellow etc.


Give your child something special symbols like a bright colored cap, backpack, or sunglass which shows his specialty. These are seen from a distance as well as supportive to find out him asking about the lost child.


Keep the picture of your baby to you own. Accidents are not by dint of coming. Of course, the picture will be needed to get him find out. So, keep not only the soft copy but also hard copy of child’s picture with you. Moreover, give your picture to your child.

Teach some techniques

Please teach your child some strategies. For example, to shout if unknown people wants to take him out with stress, and not to respond to any temptation, as though he does not leave you to and fro if any danger is occurred then to escape, to hide and to ask for help.


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