Female Condom

Female Condoms! How are the female condoms and how to use?

General words of female condoms

For the use of women or female, condoms are soft but difficult and transparent cover also. It is kept inside the body. As a result, the sperm can not enter, causing obstruction. However, it also takes another advantage and protects them from sexually transmitted diseases. This cover is slippery with silicon. Only a condom can be used at all ages if it is not suitable for condoms or contraceptive pills. If not seen, Female condoms can be used. No side-effects of it There is Rhea. Polly made from uratehen, so no allergic reaction was found.

Female Condom

This Female Condom has been studied in more than 30 countries around the world. This Condom has been discussed in India as much as in the program of HIV AIDS. Probably one thing – how much burden will be imposed on girls in our country? And what about today’s girls when they think of the new system for themselves? However, there is no such thing as the use of female condoms in West Bengal or there was no such cry over it. More than that, there are more discussions about other measures. Since cervix and obstetrical infections cause a lot of pressure on the health of women, then this kind of treatment should be taken by checking with the specialist.


Female Condoms facilities

Female condoms are just a more complex version of a male condom. It’s still very strong and doesn’t tear easily through sexual intercourse. It also prevents STIs and different diseases that one may receive through sexual contact. It functions just as well as a male condom and that’s every advantage one may get from it.

1) Available
2) Safe and Low Price
3) Easy to use
4) Medical advice and training does not take place
5) There are no side effects
6) It is light, small and easy to drop
7) Protects against HIV AIDS


Disadvantages of condoms

1.) Tearing can happen if you can not use it properly.
2. Someone can be uncomfortable in physical union .Condoms are made in India in Chennai and Thiruvananthapuram.


How are the Female Condoms?

Diaphragm Female Condoms

Diaphragm female condoms

Diaphragms act as an obstacle to the delivery of women, causing sperm and ovum failure. A German doctor discovered it in 1882. Diaphapham is like a shallow cup, made of artificial rubber or plastics. Its diameter is 5 to 10 centimeters, a flexible spring material is set below it. Various diapers, different sizes, The size of the woman is to be tested and tested. The woman should take diaphragm immediately before physical examination and after that, You have to stay after 6 hours. Spermicide (spermicide) jelly is always to be used with the diaphragm. It is difficult to first show a gynecologist to show how to wear it. It does not have any popularity among the women or female of our country for the trouble of wearing, leaving, keeping, etc. apart from the problem.


Sponge Female Condoms

Sponge woman condom

Hundred years ago, veneers were tried to prevent childbirth sprayed with vinegar or olive oil, but it did not succeed in many cases. Then, based on this method, a type of contraceptive system was introduced in the United States today by name. A 5 centimeters x 2.5 centimeters Polly urate a foam is sprayed with no-nonsense genial-nin, Spermicidal. This method is 100% effective.


Chemical Method of Female Condoms

Chemical Method

Before 1960, when so much of the use of oral pills and loop or copper was not practiced, there was a lot of vaginal chemical contraception. These were also spermicide, that is to kill sperm. These were used in many ways such as foam, cream, jelly, paste, Suppositive, soluble film etc.. There are some difficulties in this method, such as unpleasantness rates too much. The physical relationship should be used immediately, use of special caution. Some people may have a little irritation or uncomfortable. For these reasons, its use has grown nowadays, experts do not even consult Spermsivaal anymore.


Loop, copper-T Female Condoms (Contraceptive under the uterus)

Loop, copper-T

In 1928, Van Grafenberg attempted to contraception with silver rings in the uterus, but there was also inflammation and other different symptoms of Uterus. There was a great deal of research on whether polyethylene ring could be used due to the progress of plastic industry. In 1959, Dr. Marguilly Insert a small plastic ring into the uterus with the help of a very narrow polythene But it must be said that there is more than one theory about how this polythene loop prevents the pregnancy. It can be said that it changes anything in the uterine membrane or muscle that the fertile ovum cannot form the nest if it comes to Jarayut. A better solution than the loop is the copper-t.


How to use female condoms perfectly?

How to use female condom

Male condoms are more often used than female condoms. Be that as it may, the best contrasting option to customary male condoms is female condoms. On the off chance that utilized accurately and each direction is effectively tailed, it is ninety-five percent viable. Be that as it may, if female condoms are not minded legitimately and additionally are inaccurately utilized, its viability will abatement to a seventy-five percent. So make note of the accompanying focuses to utilize a female condom accurately.


1. Careful discipline brings about promising results

Female condoms tend to wander on the expensive side of contraceptives. It’s ideal if a first-time client would attempt to work on utilizing it on themselves before genuine sex no less than 3 to 4 times. This training would spare any client the desolation of mix-ups as any oversights made by then would be extremely remorseful.


2. Remove the Package

Remove the package

Removing the bundle painstakingly is a crucial advance as any harm to the condom made in this progression may influence your future in more courses than one. To guarantee most extreme insurance, one must check the expiry date that is expressed on the mark first. When tearing, ensure that you don’t commandingly tear it or utilize over the top power that may harm the condom.

Thereafter, one must check if there are any physical deformities on the condom and its general state of the condom. In the event that there is nothing incorrectly after a fast review, at that point it might be viewed as useful for utilizing. It’s fundamental information on the most proficient method to utilize female a condom effectively.


3. Lubricate It

Using system female condoms

The following stage in how to utilize a female condom accurately is to lubricate it. Apply ointment to the female condom despite the fact that it might be pre-greased up. This is to guarantee the best outcomes and the lovely feeling later on the intercourse. Likewise, for best and most extreme insurance, apply “spermicide” to guarantee the best security and diminish the odds of an impromptu supernatural occurrence. While greasing up, one must observe the distinctions of male and female condoms. A male condom’s external ring faces outwards while the female condom’s external ring faces inside to enable it to hold up. Knowing this, one should know where precisely to put the oil.


4. Get the Right Position and Shape

Using of female condoms

At the point when really embeddings the female condom, it is best to locate an appropriate position. It’s pretty much simply like embeddings a tampon likewise on the grounds that it’s essential that it fits in flawlessly or it will make an outrageous wreckage.

female condom using

Clients must discover a position that they’re agreeable to. Any position will do – laying, sitting, hunching down, or standing up – everything would rely on the client.


5.Insert It

Perfect using female condom

Inserting is an imperative advance in knowing how to utilize female condoms accurately. As previously mentioned, embeddings female condoms resemble embeddings a tampon. In the wake of finding a correct position, one must hold the condom to some degree like a pencil and embed it into the vagina. Once that it is inside, one must embed her finger inside the condom and push it painstakingly until the point when it comes to the back and to the point that it achieves the cervix.


When it achieves that position, it ought not to be felt any longer. On the off chance that it is still felt, it is embedded erroneously. This is an extremely significant advance to know how to utilize a female condom accurately. On the off chance that it is embedded effectively, one should precisely haul out their finger delicately. The external ring of the condom should, in any case, be seen is as yet hanging out by an inch.


6. Have Sex with Female Condom

When everything is rightfully set and checked, accomplices at that point may appreciate sex without many stresses. The lady must advise the man where to embed his penis effectively, and the man’s penis must fit entirely inside the condom for it to be used accurately. For female condoms, it is extremely normal to feel it moving side-to-side, as long as it doesn’t feel free.

Perfect using female condom

At the point when the condom comes lose or the man’s penis has slipped before discharge, it is best to straighten out the condom first for well-being measures. At that point, one should deliberately control the man’s penis once again into the condom and resume sexual association. It’s constantly best to realize that one ought to never re-utilize a female condom. If it is utilized and filled with semen, it’s best to discard it at the earliest opportunity.

Note: Never wear a male condom and a female condom in the meantime as it might make rubbing that could push the external ring further inside and may likewise make the condoms slip, or more regrettable, tear.


7. Remove It

women condoms

While removing the condom, one must be cautious as pointless power may make it tear or potentially break inside. Legitimately evacuating the condom is an unquestionable requirement and it’s the keep going advance on the most proficient method to utilize a female condom effectively. One must contort the external ring of the condom that is hanging out, haul it out tenderly utilizing the turned external part as a handle, and discard it instantly. As previously mentioned, one should never re-use a condom since it is viewed as unsanitary, unsafe and risky.

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