Fasting and Why it is incredibly necessary for human body and sound health?

General words

When Muslims keep the fast, it is called ‘Siam’. When Christians fast, it is called ‘Fasting’. If the Hindus or Buddhists keep the fast, they are called ‘Upobash’. If the revolutionaries keep the fast, they are called ‘hunger strike’. And, if he is fasting for medical science, he is called ‘autophagy’. Not too long, medical science has been familiar with autophagy. In 2016, the Nobel Committee awarded the Japanese doctor ‘Yoshinori Ohsumi’  in Physiology or Medicine “for his discoveries of mechanisms for autophagy”. Autophagy was already known when he started his career the term was coined in 1963. During the 1990s, Ohsumi’s group described the morphology of autophagy in yeast and performed mutational screening on yeast cells that identified essential genes for cells to be capable of autophagy. Since then that means in 2016, modern people started to fast on fasting. However,


What is Autophagy?

The word Autophagy is a Greek word. Auto Finance own self, and Phagy means to eat or consume. So, autophagy means eating to own self by ownself. No, medical science does not tell you to eat your riches by yourselves. When the body cells do not get any food from the outside itself, when they start eating their own sick cells, then they are called autophagy in the language of medical science.


Let’s say a little more simply.

There are as a dustbin In our house or as recycle bin on our computer, just like that there is also a dustbin in every cell of our body. Due to the body cells being too busy throughout the year,  It does not get time to clean the dustbin. As a result, lots of garbage and dirt are accumulated in the cells. If the body cells can not clean their dusty tubes regularly, then the cells are once inactive and produce various types of diseases in the body. Many major diseases like cancer or diabetes are started from here.

The fasting is positive for health in many ways which inspire many people to keep fasting. But the subject of Muslims is different. According to the instructions given by ALLAH in the Holy Quran, they have to keep fasting. There are many health benefits of fasting is proved by the researches of many scientists too.

Fasting for the brain:
fasting for the brain

Fasting increases the growth of new nervous cells fast. It increases the brain’s performance. Moreover, the fast growth of hormones is also increased by fasting. Fasting for two days increases five times the rate of hormonal growth in the body.

Fasting keeps away the old age:
Fasting keep away the old age

People who are not afraid of old age can be found rarely. The old age makes the body and mind both vulnerable and helpless. If you keep yourself on fasting, it will increase your life expectancy or long liveness and keep away all the problems regarding the old age.

Helps reduce fat:
reduce fat:

How much do people try to reduce fat? Such as goes to the gym, can not eat favorite foods, running royalties and much more. But for a short period of fasting time, the metabolism increases from 3.6 to 14 percent which plays an active role in reducing fat.

Reduces the diabetic risk: 
Reduces the diabetic risk

The peoples who hold diabetics are is to be always careful about taking calories. Alternatively, an intangible forbidden on having calorie is done while keeping the fasting. It reduces the risk of diabetic health.


Cleansing inner rubbish and dirt of the cell itself:

Cleansing inner rubbish and dirt of the cell itself


When people are on an empty stomach, the body cells become very unemployed. But they do not sit idle like us, so each cell starts cleansing its inner rubbish and dirt. They do not eat the garbage like us, they eat their own garbage itself. This method is called autophagy in medical science.

Other benefits of Fasting:


  • Save from Arthritis.
  • colitis to heart disease.
  • Eliminate lupus and chronic skin conditions.
  • Heal the digestive tracts of those with ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease, and lower blood pressure.
  • Endocrinology and Metabolism.
  • Cope with stress and depression.
  • Sometimes fasting four to five days a month can help them break to the next level of immune competency.
  • Stick to a strict diet.

Ending Words

‘Yoshinori Ohsumi’, the Japanese doctor and researcher took the Nobel Prize in 2016, after discovering just this thing named Autophagy.  Since I’m not a doctor, I have no regrets and regarding about this! My regard is for those who don’t keep fasting, thinking about the facts of health. The Muslim also make the autopsy of their body by keeping the fasting one month in every year. But, those who you are nonmuslim how will make autophagy of your body? The decision is just up to you whether you’ll keep the fasting for your sound health or not.


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