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Facial Mask For Skin Type! Know Which Facial Is Suitable For What Type Of Skin.

How to Choose the Best Facial Mask for Your Skin Type?

It’s essential to know your skin type if you want the healthy and flawless skin also. Knowing your skin type allows you to select the right facial products and customize a skin care regimen that will work best for you. Let’s know the types of facials according to your skin type-


Gold facial: 

Gold facial

It’s beneficial for all types of skin, only it can’t be applied to the sensitive skin type. It can be taken for the skin of all person. Gold facials will give very good results, especially for the bridegroom. Because it brings a beautiful golden color to the skin.


Pearl facial:

Pearl facial

Pearl facial is applicable for all types of skin, but this facial is very effective on sensitive skin. If you are a little older, you should use Pearl facial. After the Pearl facial cleansing, the offwhite tint comes on the skin and is long lasting.


Aloe vera Facial:

Aloe Vera Facial

Those who have different scars on the skin can take this Aloe vera facial which improves skin cells and is very beneficial for dry skin. But for the sensitive skin, this facial can’t be used. It also helps in removing sunburn.


Fruit Facial:

Fruit Facial

The mixed fruit cream used in this facial is good for all types of skin. Especially fruit facial cleanses the dirt deep from the skin and keeps the skin tension. Only the fruit facial is suitable for sensitive skin.


Aroma Facial:

Aroma Facial

Aroma facial is effective for bridegrooms. This facial is useful for those who are going to be married after a few days and suitable for all types of skin also.


Pimple facial:

Pimple facial

This facial is beneficial for oily skin and acne-affected persons. If this facial is continued twice in a month, the pimple will gradually decrease also.


Anti-wrinkle facial

Anti-wrinkle facial

Those who hold extra dry skin and are more likely to have a wrinkle, they will continue this facial. As soon as being the aged, the various problems like skulling, folding or hanging the skin etc are made and increased. Solving these problems, anti-wrinkle facial will smoothen your skin also.


How to understand the nature of your skin or How to Determine Your Skin Type?

After waking up in the morning, take a tissue paper and put it on the face without taking water in the mouth also. Then look at the paper carefully. you’ll realize your skin’s nature. Now we will know the skin type and nature of skin or How many types of skin do we have?-

types of skin

Normal skin: You can see a little oiliness on the tissue paper.

Dry skin: No oiliness on tissue paper can be seen.

Oily skin: Tissue paper will contain a lot of oily looks.

Mixed skin/ impure skin type: There will be different tints in different parts of the tissue paper.

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