Whose contribution to the internet world has given us a better present and a hopeful tomorrow.

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Necessity is the father of innovation. Our need for a better life propels us into finding new ways to improve it and people who made this search a mission of their lives to the internet world, have also given us a better present and a hopeful tomorrow. I play tribute to 14 such innovators, who have revolutionized communications in recent years. Being a simple person in this global village I dedicate my writing duration in the name of novelty also. Hail innovation!

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1. Vinton Gray Cerf (June 23, 1943)

Vinton Gray CerfVinton Gray Cerf (June 23, 1943) is an American internet pioneer. We also recognize him as one in every of “the fathers of the internet”, sharing this title with TCP/IP co-inventor Bob Kahn. His contributions were recounted and lauded, time and again, with honorary degrees and awards that consist of the national Medal of generation, the Turing Award, the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the Marconi Prize and club within the National Academy of Engineering. In the early days, Cerf turned into a supervisor for America’ defense advanced studies tasks enterprise (DARPA) investment various agencies to increase TCP/IP era.

When the internet commenced transitioning to a business possibility at some point of the past due Nineteen Eighties, Cerf moved to MCI wherein he changed into instrumental in the improvement of the first industrial electronic mail gadget (MCI Mail) related to the Internet. Cerf became instrumental in the investment and formation of ICANN from the begin. He waited a year before stepping ahead to enroll in the ICANN Board, and in the end have become chairman.

He becomes elected as the president of the Association for Computing equipment in may also 2012, and in August 2013 he joined the Council on CyberSecurity’s Board of Advisors. Cerf is lively in lots of agencies which are working to assist the net supply humanitarian value to the arena. He is supportive of progressive projects that are experimenting with new processes to worldwide issues, inclusive of the virtual divide, the gender gap, and the converting nature of jobs. Cerf is also recognized for his sartorial style, typically appearing in a 3-piece in shape a rarity in an industry known for its casual get dressed norms.


2. Jonathon Fletcher

Jonathon FletcherTwenty years in the past, on the University of Stirling in Scotland, he invented the first web crawling search engine JumpStation. The internet move slowly is an automated programme that permits engines like google to undergo web pages to create an index that makes it feasible to look for unique records also. This generation is in the coronary heart of Google and Yahoo engines like google. An email chat with “the daddy of the quest engine” who refused to expose what become preserving him busy these days.

JumpStation was the first WWW search engine that behaved and regarded to the user, the manner contemporary net engines like google do. This started indexing on Sunday 12 December 1993 and became introduced at the Mosaic “what’s New” website on 21 December 1993. It was hosted at the University of Stirling in Scotland. It became written by using Jonathon Fletcher, from Scarborough, North Yorkshire who graduated from the university with a first magnificence honors degree in Computing technological know-how inside the summer season of 1992 and has sooner or later been named “father of the hunt engine”. He becomes eventually employed there as a systems administrator.


3. Mike Krieger (4 March 1986)

Mike KriegerMike Krieger, CTO of Instagram, is a Brazilian Entrepreneur and software engineer who co-founded Instagram with Kevin Systrom in mid-2010. Instagram is a global online community where more than 95 million photos and videos are shared every day by its users. It was acquired by Facebook in April 2012 for approximately $1 billion.





4. Roger L. Easton (30 April 1921)

Roger L. EastonAn American scientist and physicist who is known as the principal inventor and designer of the Global Positioning System (GPS) along with Ivan A. getting and Bradford Parkinson also. Roger L. Easton gained the award ‘the National Medal of Technology’ for his extensive pioneering achievements in spacecraft tracking, negative and timing technology also.





5. Mark Zuckerberg (14 May 1984)

Mark ZuckerbergAn American computer programmer, internet entrepreneur, and philanthropist also. Mark Zuckerberg is the chairman, chief executive and co-founder of the popular social networking website Facebook also. With a net worth of $57.1 billion as on November 2017, he is one among the world’s 100 wealthiest people as per Time Magazine.




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6. Janus Friis (26 June 1976)

Janus FriisA Danish entrepreneur and co-founding Skype the peer- to- peer telephony application. Friis sold Skype to e-bay in 2005 for $2.6 billion. He maintained the ownership interest in Skype through Silver Lake Partners till Microsoft acquired Skype in 2011 for $805 billion. In 2006, Friis was named in the Time Magazine’s list of 100 most influential people.





7. Vic Hayes (31 July 1941)

Vic Hayes An electrical engineering graduate and Senior Research Fellow also at the Delft University of Technology. Vic Hayes was born in Surabaya, Dutch East Indies. He played a vital role in directing and establishing the IEEE 802.11 set of wireless networking standards i.e. Wi-Fi which led him to be referred as the ‘Father of Wi-Fi’.





8. Martin Cooper (26 December 1928)

Travis KalanickMartain Cooper is the ‘Father of the Cell Phone’, also an American engineer and entrepreneur. We know him for being a pioneer and visionary in the wireless communications industry. During his early years at Motorola, he conceived the first handheld cellular mobile phone in 1973 and brought it to market in 1983.





9. Jack Dorsey (19 November 1976)

Jack DorseyAn American computer programmer, internet entrepreneur, Jack Dorsey is the CEO and Co-founder of Twitter. He is also the founder of Square, a mobile payments entity.As on November 2016, his net worth is $1.08 billion. The ‘Wall Street Journal’ conferred him with the ‘Innovator of the Year Award’ for 2012.





10.  Jawed Karim (28 October 1979)

Jawed KarimAlso a Bangladeshi-Garman-American internet entrepreneur. We know Jawed Karim well for being the Co-founder of  YouTube. He was the first person to upload a video named ‘Me at the Zoo’ on YouTube. Karim also designed and implemented many of the core components of PayPal. As on August 2016, his net worth is $140 million.





11. Konstantin Guericke (19 September 1967)

Konstantin GuerickeAlso Co-founded LinkedIn with Read  Hoffman, Allen Blue, Jean-Luc Vaillant and Eric Ly. As the VP Marketing, Konstantin Guerucke initially focused on positioning or Branding, viral marketing, and media relations to make the brand a success also. LinkedIn went public in January 2011 for $4 billion and Microsoft acquired in 2016 for $26 billion.





12. Travis Kalanick (6 August 1976)

Martin CooperAn American entrepreneur, Travis Kalanick also co-founder of the transportation network company Uber and the peer to peer file sharing company Red Swoosh. Just within seven years, he managed to turn the transportation network start-up into a $68 billion entity also. As on November 2016, Travis Kalanick’s net worth is $6.3 billion.





13. Alon Cohen (1 January 1962)

Alon CohenHe is the pioneer of VoIP and Co-Founder of Vocal Tec Inc. (1989) who contributed to the creation of Voice Over Network products and eventually the VoIP industry that revolutionized the telecommunication industry. Vocal Tec offered internet phone services commercially for the first time. Cohen holds 4 US Patients on different communication technologies also.





 14. Jan Koum (24 February 1976)

Jan KoumA Ukrainian-American internet entrepreneur and computer programmer also. Jan koum is the CEO and Co-Founder of WhatsApp (with Brain Acton). Facebook Inc. acquired it in February 2014 for $19 billion. In early 2016, he gained a rank 50 by Forbes in its list of 400 richest Americans with also a net worth of 8.8 billion dollars.

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