AreWorried About Your Child's Physical Growth

Are You Worried About Your Child’s Physical Growth Or Height? But You Notice Somethings With Awareness.

Worried About Your Child’s Physical Growth

In doctor’s life, a doctor heard the words more from most of the parents that are ” Oh Doctor!  my child doesn’t want to eat and my baby’s health is getting worse day by day”. Some parents have often asked the doctor, “Is our Child’s Physical Growth or weight right?” Parents think that even their child is same ages to the next door child looks smaller than their child’s physical growth! There is any problem in caring for their child! And in order to find answers to such thousands of questions, the parents are going to the doctor’s chamber with their sound and healthy child. It’s nothing more than the parent’s anxiety for their child and child’s physical growth. I will say to such parents who are anxious for their child and child’s physical growth to follow the following Chart and facts perfectly.


child's physical growth


Which are the facts depend on the child’s physical growth and work efficiency?

(1) Genetic issues
The child of taller parents become taller due to genetic reasons.

(2) Nutritional reasons
In the absence of nutrients, the normal growth of the baby is hampered, and the excess nutrition is obese to the child also.

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(3) Socioeconomic factors:
Poverty socioeconomic condition disrupts both the child’s physical growth and efficiency.

(4) Circumstances:
Enhanced social, emotional and environmental exposure to children and accelerates daily growth also.

child's physical growth and work efficiency

(5) Illness:
Both physical and emotional development of the child has been delayed due to illness for a long time.

(6) Mental trauma
The child’s physical growth normally is interrupted if there is an emotional injury or pressure from the environment, society, and family also.

(7) Insights
If the baby does not have normal growth in the mother’s stomach, their child’s physical growth is very slow after birth.


How do you know if your baby’s physical growth is normal?

baby's physical growth is normal

Take a look at the following things:

(A) Height:

At what age should the child’s height be?

Birth time: 50 cm

At the age of 1 year: 75 cm

At the age of 2 years: 83 cm

At the age of 3 years or so: 5 cm per year increase.


(B) Weight:

Normal weights at birth: 2.5-4 kg

After six months: It will be twice

After 1 year: It will be 3 times

Weighing at the age of 2 years: It will be 4 times of birth.


(C) The width round of the middle part of the arm

Whether there is a lack of nutrition for children under the age of five, it is measured by the middle part of the child’s arm.

No lacking nutrition: If the middle part of the arm is above 13.5 cm, then we’ve to understand the baby has no lacking of nutrition into the body.

Some Malnutrition: If the middle part of the arm is from 12.5cm to 13.5 cm, it is also understandable that the child suffers from some malnutrition.

Severe malnutrition: It is understood that the child is suffering from severe malnutrition, while the middle part of the arm is below 12.5 cm.

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Competence and mental growth of the child

Competence and mental growth of the child

The mental development and competence of the child should not only be careful about the physical growth of the child also. Keep in mind that whether the child’s performance and mental development are normal. Observe the child’s performance and mental growth parameters

(A) Neurological Growth:

At the age of 3 months, the child can walk straightening his neck, can sit at the age of 6 months and can also walk at the age of 1 years.


(B) Development of vision

If at the age of 3 months the child looks at something bright, looks at it, can also see small sized objects at the age of 6 months. At the age of 6 months, the child will catch something after catching something on the palm of his hand and at the age of 10 months, the child can also catch perfectly something.


(C) Development of hearing power

When the child is six months old, he can turn his head hearing any sound and at the age of 9 months, the can child can understand where the sound is creating.


(D) Ability to speak

If the child is 6 months old, then by some meaningless words like da-da, mo-mo, ba-ba, cha-cha, mai-mai, etc., and when one year is full, the child can learn to speak the first meaningful words like mother, father, grandfather etc.

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Ending Words

Combining all of the above things, you can understand that whether your baby’s growth is normal or not. However, you should remember it also that this standardization of physical and mental development is not fixed. So I’ll tell all the parents,  Think about your child, don’t worry, but never be anxious and agitated.

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