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Blood Test Before Marriage With Other 4 Medical Tests Is Mandatory!

There is one essential thing both you and your hubby-to-be have to complete before D-Day. Medical check-ups are not only advised, but a must do for a happy and healthy married life. Numerous are uneasy about this and have pre-imagined ideas, however, doing this will enable you to keep away from undesirable and unneeded pressure and issues later in marriage. Knowing your planned accomplice’s wellbeing doesn’t suggest that the marriage itself is on pained grounds. Be that as it may, it will empower you to take legitimate therapeutic care if required. Here are 4 tests with the blood test before marriage you ought to do. The four tests before marriage are mandatory for every person-


Medical Test Before Marriage

Marriage is a new beginning, a story that unfolds after you are done with education and you are settled or just on the cusp of starting one. There are no bounds when it comes to finding true love and getting married. Parents, especially in India do a lot of background checking when it comes to selecting a groom or bride for their children. Yet, they often overlook the health aspects that could impact the couple’s life after marriage.

Premarital Check up

Being unaware of your partner’s health condition can create discontent and frustration in your mind. To avoid such issues from cropping up after marriage, it is prudent to get a premarital check up done. Getting these medical tests before marriage doesn’t mean marriage is difficult. It just means that both the parties can make an informed decision regarding marriage and also seek proper treatment to avoid further complications.


1. HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases test Before Marriage :

If HIV, Hepatitis B, and C don’t treat the whole life and treat it at the right time, it can lead to big problems in married life. If you have previously known sexual disorders such as gonorrhea, syphilis, bacterial vaginosis, and take precautions to avoid transmission.

HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases

Knowing your partner’s health status helps you protect yourself. You can seek medical help if you or your partner turns out to be positive and you have decided to get married to him or her. You should also know that those infected require care and support all through their life. Other sexually transmitted diseases that the test can check for are gonorrhea, syphilis, warts, bacterial vaginosis etc., which can be treated properly if diagnosed early. Such treatment also reduces the risk of miscarriages and infertility issues during the marriage. To prevent a breakdown of marriage due to health issues, this medical test before marriage is a must. You can check with your physician for more information.


2. Blood group compatibility test Before Marriage :

Before the marriage, be sure to check out both the blood group and compatibility. Otherwise, you may face problems like Rhesus disease during pregnancy. In this situation, the mother’s body antibodies destroy the blood cells of the baby’s body. If a woman of Rhesus Negative Blood Group is married to a male sexual partner, then Risk Incompatibility is at its highest risk. If the fetus is a positive blood group, then there may be problems like childbirth, miscarriage, during pregnancy.

Blood group compatibility test Before Marriage

There are different blood-types categorized in A, B, O along with an RH factor that can either be positive or negative. An RH incompatibility occurs when the mom’s blood type clashes with her baby. During pregnancy, the mother’s red blood cells could enter the placenta or the child and produce antibodies that attack the fetus. This often leads to jaundice and it is one of the topmost causes during or closer to delivery for intra-uterine deaths, miscarriages, and even brain damage. To prevent such a scenario, knowing your partner’s blood group is a must. So that your doctor can take preventive measures to avoid RH incompatibility issues during pregnancy.

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3. Fertility Test Before Marriage :

Fertility Test Before Marriage

This test is most important. The problem of infertility has increased in size due to stress, unhealthy living conditions. This physical problem brings emotional, social problems into a married life. Vacuum is felt. So both of them have tested fertility. This test includes a semen analysis to check for male fertility while an ovulation test to test fertility in women. Diagonist creates a pelvic ultrasound to check for genetic or developed abnormalities in the reproductive organs. Doctor means an array of hormonal tests such as Prolactin, FSH, LH, Testosterone, Estrogen, and Progesterone for both the man and woman.


4. Genetic or Chronic Medical Conditioning Test Before Marriage :

Prior to testing, genetic disorders are easier to diagnose before problems begin to accelerate. Diabetes, hypertension, thalassemia, some cases of cancer and kidneys hide in the gene. Which needs to teste beforehand. Doctors’ advice sickle cell patients (SS) to avoid marriage with another carrier of the sickle cell gene (AS) as they have the chances of their baby suffering from the same disease is nearly 50% in every pregnancy.

Genetic or Chronic Medical Conditioning Test 

However, a sickle cell patient can definitely marry a person who has no genetic traits of the disease (AA). This would mean that their children would only be carriers of the gene. To prevent complications in childbirth this medical test before marriage is a must. Your doctor can advise you on the proper protocol to follow in case the test is positive for the gene mutation.


5. Test for Sickle Cell Gene Before Marriage :

Sickle cell disease is a chronic and debilitating medical condition caused by the defect in red blood cells. As the name implies, these cells hold the shape as a ‘sickle’ and this affects their ability to pass through tiny blood vessels to supply oxygen to cells and tissue. This account for most crises experienced by sickle cell patients.

Test for Sickle Cell Gene Before Marriage

It is advisable for sickle cell patients (SS) not to marry a carrier of the sickle cell gene (AS) because of the 50% chance of having a baby with the disease in each pregnancy. However, a sickle cell patient (SS) can marry an individual with no trait of the disease (AA) as their offspring will only be carriers of the sickle cell genes.

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