Suffering From Blood Sugar? Know How To keep Blood Sugar in control !!!

Are you suffering from blood sugar and trying to control carbohydrates but, can’t control. The doctor suggested the medicines, and the sweet food is absolutely closed! In spite of this, blood sugar is increasing in your nutrition due to your negligence.

But do you know there is a thing in your kitchen that can keep your blood sugar under regular control? Cinnamon is one such thing that can keep your blood sugar under control.

How to eat cinnamon?

  • In the morning, eat a piece of cinnamon in an empty stomach. Then drink a glass of water. Eat it at least twice a week. You will see blood clots in the control.
  • Cinnamon tea for blood level.
  • If you have difficulty to chew a pierce of cinnamon in the morning, then take one or two cinnamon in the black tea and boil it for 3 to 5 minutes. Now pan off or strain that tea and at last take this tea.
  • Cinnamon with water
  • Keep one or two piece of cinnamon in pure drink water. Now boil that water for 5 minutes. At last wait until bring cold that hot water and drink it.
  • Again you can occasionally keep one piece of clean raw cinnamon into your mouth and chew it as refreshing mouth. Regularly check blood. Take care of your blood sugar. Make plan to eat foods on the basic of your blood sugar condition.

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