The Best Sunglasses For Your Face Shape

How To Know Which Are The Best Sunglasses For Your Face Shape?

Sunglasses is an integral part of fashion from boys to girls, old aged men or old aged women. Its are not just summer fashion, sunglasses will give you protection from ultraviolet rays and dust from your eyes also. Now in this era of branding, we have thousands of glasses in front of us. If you go to the store, you will see hundreds of models, design glasses also. Now, what does your face look like? Depending on the sunglasses, it depends on the face of your face. So here are some tips for you that you can choose your own sunglasses from now on.


Check your face type

Sunglasses or glasses are attached to the face of your face so if you know the face of your face you can choose glasses or sunglasses itself. For this, draw the face of the face standing in front of the mirror in your bathroom or in front of the dressing table with a marker that stands in front of the dressing table also. That means pull the spots around the face of your face in the mirror. It will create a good idea about your face. Now look for turn sunglasses.


1. Round shaped face sunglasses:

If you take a look at this type of face, you will see that the length of the face is almost the same and there is no sharpness in the face. If you face such type of face you will be able to find glasses which will make your face look bigger. For this, our first tips for you are black eyeglasses. Keep in mind that the width of the glasses is wide or wide. This will show your tone up and see if you like it all.

glasses for Round face shape


Such glasses will be used for round face-

  • The frame of strong, sharp, rectangular or square glasses
  • Cats eye-shaped glasses
  • Butterfly size frame
  • Lustrous handled frame
  • Aviator or aeronautical frame

The frames that do not match the round faces-

  • Round frame
  • The Chic Glass Frame
  • Fine angular frame
  • Color lens
  • The frames that cover your eyebrows.


2. Oval shaped face:

In this type of face, the length of the face is more than the width of the face. The jaw is slightly round and the forehead is broader than the jaw. So to avoid damage to your face, first avoid the lead frame glasses. Rather, look for frames that surround your face and cover your eyebrows.Oval shape type


Adjust the frames such as oval faces-

  • The frame of the lustrous border is oval, round, vertebrae
  • Butterfly size frame
  • Aviator frames
  • Cats eye-shaped glasses

The frame which will not admit to the oval face-

  • Fine angular frame
  • A lot of big glasses
  • More broad type frames
  • The Chic Glass Frame.


3. Square shaped face:

The width of this type of face is almost equal. The jaw is usually wide and fixed size. Jaw, forelock is the same size as this face also. The sharp corners or vertex frames with sharp edges will not be adamant with this type of face. So use your face to match the beautiful style of round type frame.

Square shaped face

The frames that match the square face-

  • Large size frame
  • The width of the glasses whose width is the width of your face
  • Colorful frame glasses
  • Glasses with round, round or tiered-shaped frames
  • Framed glasses
  • Cats eye-shaped glasses
  • Aerial or aviator frames

Not suitable for square faces-

  • Square frames with sharp corners
  • Small, narrow frame
  • The glasses where the stars are bigger than your face.


4. Glasses for Rectangular shaped face:

The rectangular face length is more than the width. Jawbones, foreheads, and gums are equal in length. Besides, the jaw is somewhat of the angle and the hairline is equal to the forehead. If your face is such that your sunglasses will be aimed to enhance your face. So your first choice should be big, big frame glasses. Also, be sure that these glasses will have transparent lenses and frames that match with your face.

Glasses for Rectangular shaped face


For rectangular faces-

  • Big glasses
  • Aviator (with big frames)
  • Round frame glasses.

Not suitable for rectangular faces-

  • Narrow or pressed frame glasses
  • Short frame glasses
  • Bright, colorful frame glasses


5. Heart-shaped face:

If your face is such that the main goal of the glasses will be to broaden the bottom part of your face so that the appearance of your face is clearly displayed. So massive glasses will not help you; Rather it will make your upper part grow, it will ruin the shape of your face instead. Therefore, during the choice of glasses, we will request that your glasses will be the same as the width of your face. Select the frame of tear-shaped pattern, such as aviators or aerial fashion frames.

Sunglasses for Heart shaped face


Suitable for heart-shaped or heart-shaped faces-

  • Rounded frames or round glasses
  • Chicon Handle Frame.
  • Aerial Fashion Frame
  • Waffera model frame.
  • Bright or white frames

Not suitable for heart-shaped or heart-shaped faces-

  • Glasses with big and heavy frames
  • Sharp or eye-eye glasses
  • The frames that cover your eyebrows
  • The butterfly model or teardrop-shaped glasses
  • Eyeglasses like cat eyes
  • Glasses with bright color frames.


6. Triangular faces:

In this type of facial case, the face length is more than the width. If your face is in three corners, your main goal will be to enhance the upper part of your face also. Large glasses of glasses or frames at the top of the frame should be fitted with your face. But the bottom part of the frame is not rounded or sharp, but instead of round, it will be nice to face it.

Triangular faces


Suitable for the triangular face-

  • Round glasses without the bright kit.
  • Aerial or aviator frames
  • Cats eye glasses and with transparent lenses.
  • Framed glasses

Not suitable for triangular faces-

  • Eyeglasses with black lenses in the eyes of the cat.
  • Glasses with square or rectangular frames.
  • Glasses with narrow or small frames
  • The glasses where the lower part has a square or sharp borderline border.


Tips for buying glasses

Testing of ultraviolet ray protection of glasses:

Uv exam

Remove light from any fluorescent glass (such as pen cap, air-phone spokes, marker, or sticker) through a glass of glasses with a UV or ultraviolet light flashlight. If good quality glasses are ultraviolet light, then the bottom of the glass will be less illuminated. Test second is acceptable.


Polarizing testing of sunglasses:

Polarizes test of sunglass

This polarized glass or lens filter lamps and protects the eyes from the blazing sunlight. It is easy to find out if your sunglasses are polarized. Look at a symbolic surface with eyes without glasses, then watch with glasses. If your sunglasses are polarized then you will not see any light radiation on the floor.

Therefore, buying glasses or sunglasses must match your adolescence. Another tip is to ask people who are walking around the shop while buying glasses, which glasses tell you. They will get the right compliance from them.

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