Bangabandhu Satellite! The Breathtaking 162 Seconds of Bangabandhu Satellite!

The counting down for the historic day is going on for being the historic day as the world’s 57’th Powerful satellites country. After agreement on 2015, Bangabandhu satellite-1 was ready to reach the space in 2017. But due to unfavorable weather conditions, even after the scheduled day of launch, the year passes. After changing six launch start date, finally, on May 10, Bangladesh and the US satellite launch company SpaceX hopes to launch the spacecraft of Bangabandhu satellite.

If all is well, then a new version of ‘Falcon Nine’ rocket in SpaceX will fly to send the Bangabandhu satellite to the spacecraft at 4 pm on May 10 (Bangladesh local time 3 pm on May 11) from Cape Cavalier launch pad in Florida, USA.

Bangabandhu satellite -1

In this time of waiting, let’s take a look at the dream of Bangladesh’s space journey, implementing satellite, satellite building, launching rockets, and after reaching the space, the desired facilities, from the beginning of Bangabandhu Satellite.

The beginning of Bangladesh dream in space:

On 14 June 1975 Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman inaugurated the country’s first independence of Bangladesh by inaugurating the country’s first land satellite station at Betbunya. But after the murder of Sapruti on 15 August, the journey stopped. Then came to power in 1996 and the government started the initial journey to Tham, but the government changed in 2001 but it did not see the light of light. But after the 2009 and 2014 elections, the Awami League, which has been in power for two terms, finally got an opportunity to take effective initiatives to implement the dreams of Bangladesh’s space mission.

Bangabandhu Satellite-1 Construction Agreement:

Bangladesh on November 11, 2015, signed a contract to build Bangabandhu Satellite-1 with the Thales Alenia Space in France. According to the agreement, the maker of the French construction company will arrange satellite stations, launchers, land and space control, two station management assist and loans at ground level. Thales has made the main structure of the Thulju Satellite in France.


The total cost of implementation of Bangabandhu-1 satellite project is Tk 2,765 crore Of this, multinational bank HSBC has been giving the loan of Tk 1,358 crore as loan.

Buy orbit:

Bangladesh buys the orbital slot from Russia’s Intercotnik for launching the satellite and keeping it in orbit. In space, the orbit of this orbit is 119.1 East longitude. Based on the agreement made in January 2015, this orbit is purchased for approximately 15 years for about 15 million takas.

Bangabandhu Satellite-1 Introduction:

Bangabandhu satellite -1 formation

‘Bangabandhu Satellite-1’ satellite is a geo-satellite satellite or air satellites. There will be a total of 40 transponders in the Bangabandhu satellite, comprising 26 Ku-bands and 14 c-bands. Bangladesh will keep these 20 transponders for homogeneous use only. The remaining 20 transponders will be kept for sale to any foreign company.

Bangladesh’s first satellite company to operate:

After the launch of the space, a company called ‘Bangladesh Communication Satellite Company Limited’ has already been formed for the government, owned and operated for also the use of the Bangabandhu Satellite-1. The new company also employs technical personnel and their training.

Launching institutions and launching rockets:

It has been built on March 30 this year to the launching company in a special aircraft, Thalam Alenia Space. The US rocket maker will launch this satellite in SpaceX. ‘Falcon 9’ rocket will fly with Bangabandhu Satellite-1. It’ll fly from the launch pad of SpaceX at the Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral, Florida, USA also.

In Twitter-era it is said:

Falcon 9 block 5 static fire test has been completed in front of the launch of next week’s Geostationary Communications Satellite. The vehicle is in good condition for the journey. It will take a few more days to review the test data. The launch date will be confirmed when the review is completed.

Bangabandhu can offer the benefits of launch if successful: Satellite-1:

After the successful launch, it’ll take several weeks to realize whether orbits have come into effect in orbit. If everything is successful, then it’ll be able to offer 40 services including satellite DTH (Direct-to-home) services, satellite television broadcasts and internet facilities. The country’s money will remain in the country every year by selling frequency to the satellite TV channel. Beside it, foreign dependence will be reduced. If the natural disaster is affected by the tertiary infrastructures, the uninterrupted communication system will be maintained throughout the country. It’ll also be possible to introduce uninterrupted telecommunication services in satellite technology in country’s remote islands, rivers, and hill areas.

The country’s satellite television channels, telephones and radio channels use foreign satellite with fares. It costs about 11 million US dollars every year in Bangladesh. With the help of Bangabandhu satellite, not only foreign currency will be saved in the country, but also earning 50 million US dollars per year by renting land of this satellite in the various countries like Nepal, Bhutan and Myanmar.

Mainly due to the following reasons Bangladesh will be benefited from it’s own satellites:

1. Astronomy or astronomy research

2. Weather forecasts

3. TV or radio channel, phone, mobile and internet communication technology

4. In the direction of navigation

5. Inspection process (to know enemy position in military field)

6. Far sensitivity.

7. Search and rescue under soil or water

8. Space Exploration

9. In taking photographs, it is very important for the government

10. Hurricanes, cyclones, predictions of natural disasters

11. Nowadays terrorists are using Satellite phones in many remote areas.

12. Global positioning or GPS

13. Gamma ray barrett detection

14. In addition to nuclear explosions and the upcoming attacks, there will be advance warning about ground forces and other intelligences.

15. Oil, natural gas and various mining detection etc.

16. Formulating a digital map.

Festival Preparation:

Fireworks festival will start at a significant area in the capital. After it’s successful launch to make Bangladesh’s own satellite launch memorable also. There will also be a digital illumination preparation. At the same time, all the districts will also be celebrating this occasion. Bangladesh will spend $20 lacs for organizing all matches. It was also informed that assistance would be sought from BTRC if additional money was needed. The postal department will also take initiatives to publish a memorandum stamp on the occasion of the satellite launch.

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