Autism and its causes, symptoms and treatments.

General words about Autism

autismsAccording to Wikipedia “Autism is a neurodevelopmental disorder characterized by impaired social interaction, verbal and non-verbal communication, and restricted and repetitive behavior. Parents usually notice signs in the first two years of their child’s life.These signs often develop gradually, though some children with autism reach their developmental milestones at a normal pace and then regress.The diagnostic criteria require that symptoms become apparent in early childhood, typically before age three”.

According to various studies, one to eight children per thousand people is suffering from autism problem. Chances of being attacked by boys are almost four times more than girls. It is one of the most discussed topics in the world today and in our countries. In 2005, a UK-based survey showed that its rates in the country were 0.9%. In our country with autism, many developed countries of the world have some confusion and misconceptions. An ‘expert’ group says that autism is not a mental problem in any way; It is a neurological problem and treatment of neuropathic specialists. Again, according to someone, this is the only mental development problem. So psychiatrists can do the right treatment.

Someone says it is the problem of children; That’s why the only pediatrician needs to And another group claims that autism is not a disease or problem. This is an issue to get the commercial and professional interests of Physicians, Doctors and NGOs. It is not possible to manage the entire management of autism only on behalf of a nervous system, psychiatrist or pediatrician. Again, it is impossible to take effective measures for autistic children, only by meeting and seminar without any help from Chikiraskar. Occasional and integrated treatment for children with autism.

Confusion about autism 


There should be no confusion about autism. If someone thinks that there is a sign of autism in any child, then going to the expert doctor we have to diagnose whether there really is autism or not. The World Health Organization‘s International Classification of Disease, which is considered as the complete documentary of all the diseases of medical science, clearly identifies the child’s autism as a disease. ‘F-84.0’ is its symbolic number. So there is no need for it to have any disease or children with autism – no such campaign should not be distracted.

Causes of Autism

Why is it? its obvious cause is not yet discovered. But the genetic effect is on the disease. Those who have a brother or sister who has autism from any normal child, they are more than 50 times more likely to suffer from this disease. It is believed that there is an autism relationship with the abnormalities of the chromosome number 7q. There may be a 25% seizure of children with autism.

The problem of autistic children is the hindrance of making social relations-

  • Generally, we can see in children who have autism, how a normal child develops, how he communicates with social relations, he can not do it.
  • Keeping eyes sight on the eyes of a parent or a loved one, he is unable to express his or her desire through faces and physical gestures.
  • He can develop no friendship with the same aged child and there are no natural trends.
  • He does not share any kind of fun or content with others. For example, if a child gets a toy with a normal child, then they attract others. But in an autistic child, she does not express any excitement about her own interest in such a toy.
  • They do not like to take physical care, kiss and hold them in the lap.

Contact and communication problems-

  • The ability to communicate with the surrounding environment and people is reduced. However, it should be remembered that delaying learning only means not autism.
  • In some cases, the child might speak normally, but it is unusual for him to start a sentence. Or can not finish it after starting the sentence.
  • Ever seen, he is repeatedly pronouncing the same word.
  • Kids under three years of age play a variety of sports suitable for themselves. But autistic children don’t do this.

Abnormalities of behavior-

  • Doing the same behavior repeatedly in general.
  • Do not like the sounds.
  • They love to follow a routine. Everyday routines are yet worrisome if they are worried.
  • Without any reason, they become angry or become scared.


Care and Treatment services

Generally, between 10 to 20% of children with autism become fairly healthy between four to six years of age and can study with normal children in general schools. More than 10 to 20 percent of children can not study with normal children. They are at home or need special school and special training. At the specialized school, they have a fairly normal position in the society with various types of training, including language. But the remaining 60 percent of children who have autism, can not live life independently or even after getting help. They need a long time; Almost everyone relies on life for the lifetime. Apart from this special accommodation, we need nursing care. Medical care of autism is given to three subjects:


It is necessary for the parents of the child to have trained to change the behavior of the abnormal behavior so that they play a special role in the behavior of the child at home. Do not pay attention to the unwanted behavior of the child, reassure him for the desired behavior.


Such a child is provided with formal education through specialized schools, as well as any professional training that is suitable for him in the future.Try to teach social customs to the child at home as well as the special school, ensure its participation in various social events. Spend time with your baby, play and encourage more time to play with the same age.


Give importance to learning the language of the child and try to enhance your language skills with small words. Speak naturally and clearly with her. If necessary, help him express his feelings through gesture and try to convey the true meaning of the gesture. Depending on the need and symptoms, we may need some medicines and psychotherapy. However, we must do according to the expert doctor’s advice.

Ending Words

Finally, we all have a commitment on World Autism Day, with the help of integrated training, we can engage with the mainstream of society by making autism-affected children as normal as possible. For this reason, first of all, need awareness of and resolving it if there is any confusion.


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