Now an organ of the women and girls will explain about how is she, but which one is that organ?

An organ of the women

The embellishment of women and girls is actually a part of the body. Men’s eyes are pulled by those organs. And the experienced men can correctly see that organ one. An organ tells many words and things. That’s why another name of the face is ‘mirror of mind’. Experts say that the characteristics of the women can be understood by the few attributes and features of appearance also.


What’ll be expressed with an organ of women about her?


Face size

Face size

Those women whose face is less broad or wide than the length, they can decide according to the situation. Again, whose face is broader than the length, they are confident by born.


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The position of eyebrows is on the eyes. But the eyebrows of which woman is so much higher position from the eyes,  the selfishness and individualism of that woman or girl is so higher. She gives more importance and preferences to her personal likes and dislikes.

Observing the distance between the two eyebrows it is understood that how she can tolerate difficult situations also. The more distance, the more tolerance ability.


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Upper Lip

upper lip

Observing the distance between the upper lip and the nose it can be assumed and estimated that how much humorous and succulent the woman or girl is also. The more distance, the more humorous and succulent.

The upper lip is so thick as it is, the more gentleness, modesty, and meekness are found in the words and behavior of that woman and girl also.


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The eyelid of which girl and woman are more thick and curly, that girl and woman also belong to the more analysis power. Those who have no fold in their eyelids, they make quick decisions also.


Pupil or eyeball

Pupil or eyeball

The color of the pupil or eyeball tells us a lot. The deeper the color of her pupil is as deep as her mind and heart also. Her attraction power is more than that also.

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