Believe It Or Not ‘An American Woman Like The Women Around The World Eats 7 Pounds Lipstick In Lifetimes’.

In general, we consider lipstick is one of the cosmetics of women’s beauty. There are many women who can not get out of the house without lipsticks. Only uses the lipsticks is not the ended words. But a large portion of the lipsticks used on the lips goes to the stomach. But the amount of lipsticks goes on the stomach is not less.

Do you know how much is that amount? Various studies have shown that a woman ate a minimum of 7 pounds lipsticks in one life. Though you are thinking it’s incredible but actually the true and real fact.

Lipstick production company make various types of lipstick from two to three types of wax, wool grease, petroleum. Unknowingly, women are eating this chemical element regularly. It does not seem to have any special attention.

Expression of Various study

A study published in 2004 says that 28 percent of the market’s lipstick contains chemicals that can lead to cancer. Almost 10 thousand chemicals used in different types of lipsticks, which are not suitable for the human body. The women who use Lipsticks for 3 days a week, the likelihood of lupus, a skin disease, increases by 40%.


The amount of leads in lipsticks made by renowned cosmetic brands often goes on the danger level also. It is not mean that lipsticks enter the stomach through only the skin. A report published in Huffington Post in 2016. It says that a woman who uses lipsticks also consumes 7 pounds of lipstick in life through tea, coffee, vintage or other food items. Another European study published in California says that a woman ate 24.6 milligrams lipsticks per day.

“According to one report in Glamour magazine, the average woman consumes four to nine pounds of lipstick in her lifetime, In 1998 The Ottawa Citizen said”.

“The average woman swallows 5.65 lbs. of lipstick in a lifetime, In 2001 London’s The Express claimed”.

In 2002 Denver’s Rocky Mountain News reported, “Women inadvertently but harmlessly eat about four pounds of lipstick in their lifetime,” citing Glamour magazine as its source.


The Sun announced in 2002, “The average woman swallows 3lb of lipstick during her life, say researchers in Australia.”

In 2002, Irish News said the average woman, “Swallows four pounds of lipstick in a lifetime.” In 2002 Melbourne, Australia’s Sunday Herald Sun said of lipstick, “The average woman swallows about 4.5kg [10 lbs.] in a lifetime.”

In 2005 Charlottetown, PEI’s The Guardian asserted, “The average woman eats five pounds of lipstick per lifetime.”

Mathematical expression-1

Lipstick in life

But let’s do the math to see how much it averages out to in a lifetime if all that went into your stomach. I wasn’t able to find consistent studies on the age women start wearing makeup. But a study done by the NPD group found that recently makeup use has been growing among girls aged 8-12 years old (New York Times). So, for the sake of calculating this, let’s look at a woman who started wearing lipsticks every single day at age 10. And let’s assume she lives to the age that U.S. Social Security currently claims as the average life expectancy for a woman turning 65-years-old right now: 86-years-old.

So, 86-year life expectancy – 10-year-old age of beginning lipsticks use = 76 years of daily lipsticks wear.

Next, 0.06 grams per x 365 days per year = 21.9 grams per year of lipsticks aggregate exposure (in this case, we’re assuming this is all ingested).

Then, 21.9 grams per year x 76 years of daily lipstick wear = 1664.4 grams or roughly 1.7 kilograms in a lifetime. For those familiar with pounds over kilograms, that amounts to about 3.7 pounds in a lifetime.

Mathematical expression-2

Lipstick consumption

The Attorney General of California’s response to the Proposition 65 Claims Concerning Lead in Lipstick. The section discussing lipstick consumption discusses the amount used by consumers, not the amount swallowed or unintentionally eaten. While it’s inevitable that some lipsticks get ingested, inhaled, etc.. I wasn’t able to find any formal studies that explain how much.

How many lipsticks would it take to get to the7-pounded number many sources claim?

First, 7 pounds is 3.18 kilograms or 3180 grams.

Next, 3180 in a lifetime of lipsticks use / 76 years of lipstick-wearing = 41.8 grams per year.

Then, 41.8 grams per year / 365 days per year = 0.11 grams per day or 110 milligrams.

That number isn’t how much lipstick you need to use to ingest 7 pounds, that’s how much you need to swallow to get to 7 pounds. In all likelihood, you’d have to use even more than 110 milligrams per day, since it’s highly unlikely that you ingest every milligram you apply.

Compared to the study above, where the heaviest lipsticks used 80 milligrams per day. It’s clear that this doesn’t add up. Even if those women who used 80 milligrams every day swallowed every milligram of lipsticks they applied. Then It would only equal 4.9 pounds in a lifetime. And if you took the mean of the U.S. study of 24 milligrams, and assumed women ingested all of it (which is pretty unlikely), it equals out to about 1.5 pounds in a lifetime.

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