Stephen Hawking Informed Of The Alien Position.

Stephen Hawking is the father of Black Hole Theory. His death was reported from family sources. At the time of his death, he was 76 years old. On January 8, 1942, Steven Hawking was born in Oxford. Hawking’s father, Frank Hawking is a biological researcher and mother Isabel Hawking is a political activist. Hawking’s father wanted as though Hawking becomes a doctor like him. But Hawking was admitted to the University College of Oxford University for mathematics studies. But since there were no math courses, this is why Hawking started to study in the subject of physics. He was interested in thermodynamics, relativity and quantum mechanics at that time.

Immediately after coming to Cambridge, hawking affected by the motor neuron disease. That is why most of his body goes on numb slowly. But in spite of having physical obstacles, he took the place in the heart of total worldwide people with the help of his discreet power.

Scientists Stephen Hawking told about the existence of man aliens. Even the civilization of aliens is better than ours. He also expressed fear of Alien Position that the danger may come to us from them. So, the British physicist told that to bring or response to their signal will be extremely unnecessary and dangerous.

He compared the communication with another civilization and Alien Position that is better than a human being with Columbus discovered America. Europeans contact was not good for American indigenous people. Hawking once said such words in an interview to an online film.

The online film was taken to five important places in the universe by a fictional spacecraft named SS-Hawking. There is a possibility of the presence of such intelligent animals and Alien Position on a planet that is 16 light-years away.

Hawking said, one day we might get a signal from such a planet. But we should answer that signals with more and well think. Hawking expressed “It may be that the aliens may consider us as we see the bacteria in our eyes.

Not only that, speaking at the ‘Starmas Festival’, he warned and admonished us on the year 2017, just try to leave the world within 30 years, otherwise the danger will occur. According to him, the population is increasing in such ratio, there will be a shortage of habitat in this world.

According to Stephen Hawking, the effects of Black Hole, Supernova, Solar radiation will make human life impossible to live on. He said that the survival of this world is going to decrease highly and vigorously. As a result, it has become increasingly difficult for the people to remain existence here. In his words, “We gave the world a destructive gift like climate change.” That is why temperature is rising and ice is melting. He said the tree is cutting down highly and species are going to disappear one after another.

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